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HP computer reviews

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LeslieCleveland, TN

Reviewed August 3, 2023

Customer service

I will never buy an HP again. Switch to Lenovo or Dell now. After being a loyal HP customer for 20 years, they won't take back the LEMON they sold me that didn't work for the first two months I bought it, and instead continue to insist that I repeatedly work with their customer service. THE COMPUTER DOES NOT WORK. TAKE IT BACK AND SEND ME A NEW ONE. I'm not stupid. I've had several HP computers and none of mine had a keyboard that kept freezing while you were using it. So frustrating!

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EduardPrinceton, NewJersey

Reviewed June 12, 2023

I should have read other consumer reviews before ordering the HP Envy desktop PC. HP sells products that don't exist and blames them on supply shortages and disruptions. I don't think I will ever receive the product I bought and paid for. So, I highly recommend that you stay away from an HP store and buy your computer or PC accessories elsewhere. Very disappointed.

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DefeatedHonolulu, Hello

Reviewed May 27, 2023

Customer serviceSales & Marketing

I bought a desktop computer with excellent specs in February of this year. However, certain aspects of using the computer are very slow, e.g. B. Open folders and access internal and external hard drives. I don't know if the problem is caused by incompatible components or bloatware as HP does not honor their warranty. After I submitted some tickets, I got no response. HP also doesn't bother answering follow-up emails. I feel like they know their computers aren't up to date and they need a good reputation to sell them.

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DavidCentral City, CO

Reviewed May 11, 2023

Customer servicecoverpunctuality and speed

The computer stopped working two weeks before the warranty expired. I forgot to call until I was a day late. They didn't want to fix their Lemon computer. This is the second HP Pavillion to fail me in less than a year. Don't waste your time buying their junk.

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KarelNewalla, okay

Reviewed March 1, 2023Verified purchase

HP sells products that don't exist and blames them on supply shortages and disruptions. Why are they taking my money with no product? Had I known they couldn't fulfill my order I would have gone elsewhere. Oh my god this is it.

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KIMBERLYIndianapolis, IN

Reviewed February 27, 2023

I actually love my 17 inch laptop but after only 7 months it said the hard drive was missing. Customer service charged me $44 for a reboot disk when the computer couldn't do anything without recognizing the hard drive. They said they would send me the shipping materials to send my laptop for repair. I'm in the last week of school and I don't have a computer to write my final paper. I have been waiting for the shipping material for 5 days. I'm very disappointed.

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Top 1,847 HP computer reviews (2)

MoussaDowners Grove, Illinois

Reviewed February 25, 2023

I am extremely angry with the poor customer service on repairs. I have been an HP customer for over 20 years, have purchased over 400 PCs/laptops and have never had such poor customer service in my life. I started a case over four months ago and have only gone back and forth troubleshooting PC emails to find out why the PC is overheating.

Finally they sent someone to my house who told me very clearly that the PC was overheating and needed a new case. It was a known issue with the 30L OMEN, especially the 3080/3090 models. The PC is so noisy when I try to record videos and because of the volume I can't record anything with quality. I can only use it when I open the case and blow a fan on it, it can keep cool. They finally call me to say they don't believe the technology they SENT is correct and they want to look into it. Remember: YOU sent the tech to my house, that's not someone I brought here to look at.

In the end, I sent the desktop to HP for another test. The technician called me and said, "Yes, your PC is very hot and there are no applications on it." Then I get an email when the technician tells me someone will call me. The email only said that the desktop would be returned to me because no problem was found on the PC. The PC was then put in a box and returned to me with no one speaking to me or attempting to resolve the issue. The problem persists, the PC gets extremely hot and is not usable. I really need someone of high caliber to step in and help me with this or I'll get tired of using this company and the terrible customer service I've had. Both technicians told me that this is a KNOWN PROBLEM with 30L units and that HP cannot resolve this issue under their warranty. I'm done with this company and will make sure all my 11.4 million+ business followers know more about HP and how it treats its customers.

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TRACYVentura, California

Reviewed February 17, 2023

When connecting the laptop, a spark appears at the input, after which the entire device turns black. This happens when the battery is on and/or off. There is no more warranty. The laptop is not damaged in any way. The map is also in perfect condition. Like New. Was instructed not to plug in the device and let the battery drain. There is a risk of fire. A security issue. A defective device sold by HP. I've been waiting a week for HP MGMT to contact me. I called them at least six times, the issue was escalated to management, but NOTHING was resolved. I just take the brush off. Sent back and forth only to be told "This is not my department"... and "Wait a minute." Poor customer service for a highly flammable product.

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AdelLyndhurst, NJ

Reviewed February 9, 2023

Unprofessional and disrespectful customer service regarding my $500 purchase of an HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset after the 30 day purchase date. They put me on hold for 45 minutes and every member of staff referred me to another department claiming I was referred to the wrong department, then they finally hung up.

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Top 1,847 HP computer reviews (3)

VictoriaGlen Head, NY

Reviewed January 24, 2023

HP sells junk computers and offers no warranty. They urge the customer to reinstall Windows themselves if the hard drive won't boot. Worst computers and worst customer service.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise or HP, formerly known as Hewlett-Packard Company, is a multinational technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. The range of desktop, tablet and laptop computers offers consumers a wide choice of devices for every computing need.

  • HP Pavilion:The HP Pavilion is the basic model of desktop and laptop PCs for home use. The Pavilion notebooks offer the same performance as a portable computer.

  • HP them:The HP Envy is a more powerful computer than the Pavilion and is designed to run programs that require more powerful hardware. The Envy is also available as an all-in-one computer and laptop.

  • HP Omen:The HP Omen is the company's powerful PC series. The Omen Tower desktop is built for performance, while the Omen X slot machine is a cube-shaped, high-performance PC. HP's Omen laptop is the company's portable gaming device.

  • HP Z2 mini:The HP Z is a workstation PC designed to run business applications and maximize productivity. The Z2 Mini is a small workstation in a compact housing. HP also offers Z-model laptops for businesses.

  • HP Sprout Pro:The HP Sprout Pro is a 3D scanning PC designed for educational and creative purposes. It's an all-in-one PC that's easy to use and combines 3D capture and editing tools to keep manageability and workflow accessible.

Top 1,847 HP computer reviews (4)

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