The best sources of traffic to promote Clickbank products (2023)

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Clickbank is one of the best places to find high paying affiliate products to promote and earn commissions while promoting Clickbank marketplace products. You need to know the best traffic sources for Clickbank products.

There are countless ways to get free traffic to Clickbank products, but some traffic sources trump others. In this article, I will discuss the best free traffic methods for promoting Clickbank affiliate links.

The Best Free Traffic Sources for Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

1. Clickbank Affiliate Website

A Clickbank affiliate site is a site dedicated to promoting Clickbank products and is the most effective way to get free traffic to Clickbank products on complete autopilot.

You can get a lot of free targeted traffic to the Clickbank products you are promoting if your website is properly structured and optimized for search engines.

You can create two different types of Clickbank affiliate sites.

I. Automated Clickbank Affiliate Website.

This form of Clickbank affiliate website is a niche self-hosted WordPress website with automatically and legally imported video content from YouTube channels. Banners and stealth ads are often used on this type of website to promote Clickbank links.

Most Clickbank vendors provide affiliates with banners of various sizes to help them promote offers on their websites. You can place your affiliate links on these banners and upload them on your website.

To get started, you need to pick a profitable Clickbank niche, register a domain related to that niche, and pay for domain hosting.

To create an automated Clickbank affiliate website, you will need software such as:YTevolution, or you can buy onedomain name and hostingCheap website design outsourcing service and outsourcingFiverr.

II. Affiliate blog focused on a specific niche

To use this method to get a lot of quality traffic for free, you need to learn how to research low competition keywords and underserved topics and write quality content about them.

You are more likely to get free traffic to the Clickbank products you are promoting on your blog if you create top quality content. When done right, this Clickbank free traffic method can consistently drive a lot of quality traffic to the products you are promoting, and the website can also be monetized with ads for additional revenue.

A blog built on a WordPress site withShared Hostingis always the best kind of niche blog. But if you don't have the money for a domain name and hosting, you can use a free blogging platform likeBlogger for your affiliate marketing.

But if you don't want to create a website, you're in luck. Clickbank is one of many greatAffiliate Programs That Don't Require a Websiteand the rest of the methods on this list don't require you to build a website.

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YouTube is watched by over 1.8 billion people worldwide. The majority of people interested in the Clickbank products you promote are likely to be engaged YouTube viewers.

Promoting Clickbank links on YouTube is one of themother Opportunities for Sell ​​Clickbank Products Without a Website.

YouTube allows you to promote various affiliate links directly from the video description area. You can promote Clickbank offers on YouTube with different types of videos without having to be in front of a camera.

If you're camera shy, the software is likeSketchGeniuscan help you automatically convert text to high quality animated sketch videos with all appropriate images and backgrounds.

This is an easy way to create product reviews, how-to guides and comparison videos to promote Clickbank products.

VidIqis a free tool that can help you find low-competition valuable keywords in your niche and give you all the information you need to grow your YouTube channelSketchGeniuswill help you create the necessary videos.

3.Tag thanks

If you can set up a TikTok account for affiliate marketing and upload lots of viral videos promoting Clickbank offers, you will almost certainly get a lot of free traffic to your offers.

TikTok is an amazing video-based social media platform for product promotion. The platform isn't just for dance videos as some might believe, and you don't need to upload videos that show your face to get the attention of TikTokers.

If you want to remain anonymous on TikTok, there are many faceless video ideas that you can use for your marketing. You'll find what you're looking for just the sameSketchGeniusextremely useful for faceless TikTok affiliate marketing.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform where Clickbank products can get free traffic. Pinterest is a visual search engine and social media platform.

This is beneficial as it allows you to target specific keywords related to your niche or product and rank them much faster on Pinterest than Google.

Users can click on your pins to be directed to a Clickbank offer, product review or other related informational content.

Pinterest can help you get free traffic to your Clickbank listings.

For the best results on Pinterest, create boards that are at least loosely related to the Clickbank products you are promoting, create pins that focus on the keywords you want to target, and pin these pins to the most relevant boards.

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Most of the Pins you create should link to pages where users can get valuable information by following Pinterest's best practices for promoting affiliate products.

Another advantage of an affiliate site is that you can earn money while you sleep. Blog content that includes your Clickbank links is a great way to add value to your Pinterest audience.

You can create a series of Pins that link to a single blog post after you publish it using a free tool like Canva.

Once you've finished creating your Pins, pin them to the appropriate board or boards in your account.

Complete each section of your account to help Pinterest determine what your Pin is about.

This means that relevant keywords must be included in board descriptions, titles and pin descriptions.

After that, continue to manually fix your pins on the boards.

The complete step-by-step guide to promoting Clickbank products on Pinterest is hereon here.


Facebook is a social media platform with billions of users that is great for affiliate marketing as it allows you to market affiliate links directly to its huge user base.

With Facebook, you can get free traffic to your Clickbank affiliate links in three ways. All three are considered.

I. Facebook profile

When creating a Facebook account, you must also create a Facebook profile. This is an excellent place to get free traffic from Clickbank. If you have a lot of active Facebook followers, then you can use your Facebook profile to promote your Clickbank affiliate marketing business.

ii. Non-Facebook Groups

You can use Facebook groups to create a large community of people working towards the same goal.

You can start a Facebook group focused on the Clickbank product niche you want to promote, build it with relevant content from your niche, and rarely promote your Clickbank links to your audience for free.

On Facebook, as on many other social media platforms, older posts are quickly discarded and replaced with newer ones. Pin posts that link to your affiliate offer to ensure your link remains visible for a long time.

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iii. Site do Facebook

Individuals, marketers, businesses, celebrities and other entities can use Facebook Pages to build a public presence.

You can use Facebook as an affiliate marketer to get quality traffic to your Clickbank affiliate products for free. For Facebook Pages to work for you, you should focus on a single topic or topic and only promote products that are relevant to your Page's topic.

6. Instagram

Instagram e ClickbankThey go together really well, but Instagram is one of those social media platforms where links are dying because clickable links can't be added to posts unless you have 10,000+ followers.

As an affiliate marketer, the website section of your Instagram bio is the most obvious place to drive traffic to Clickbank via your link, but you can only have one link per account.

You must use the service of aLink to Biotoolto circumvent this restriction. This tool can help you create a mini page where you can promote various affiliate links through your bio.

Here's everything you need to know about using it.Instagram to promote Clickbank products.

7.To quote

Quora is an online community where people can ask questions and get answers from others.

To get free traffic to Clickbank offers through Quora, you need to provide the most detailed answers to questions about the niche of the offers you are promoting.

When looking for questions to answer, focus on those that have a decent following, as they are more likely to show up in places like search results or Quora Digest (daily emails sent to Quora users with questions about their interests) .

Start typing your question into the search box and go to the Quora Questions tab.

After that, look at the questions asked. Focus on those that are relevant and have a large following.

When writing a response, try to be as helpful as possible. You can also use a photo or a story to draw people into your answer.

You can even check the answers to get an idea of ​​the competition. If you can provide a better answer than is currently available, your post will likely receive more upvotes and rise to the top of the list.

But you have to keep in mind that you cannot promote affiliate links directly on Quora, you can promote them indirectly through an affiliate website or landing page.

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Most people think that LinkedIn is still geared towards job hunting, but few affiliate marketers know that this platform is a gold mine of free affiliate marketing traffic.

LinkedIn recently launched Pulse, a content publishing platform that lets you create marketing content in the form of articles. This is an excellent opportunity to promote Clickbank affiliate links by posting content.

You can rank high on Google and get tons of free traffic by using this platform to post quality content that is properly optimized for search engines.

9.Quite is an online publishing platform where authors can publish articles and monetize them through affiliate marketing or the medium.partnershipProgram.

Promoting Clickbank deals on is a great way to get free traffic from Clickbank as articles published on the platform often rank high in Google search results for various terms.

This would give your affiliate links the exposure they need to generate enough traffic for sales and commissions.

Although the platform allows the promotion of affiliate links, you must be careful when using them to promote your Clickbank links, as your account can be suspended at any time.

This can be explained in two ways.

The first reason is that the platform has millions of users and they prefer to provide them with the best content available on the web rather than spammy articles written by affiliates looking to make a quick buck.

The second reason is that they prefer publishers on their platform to write and earn through their affiliate program rather than through Clickbank or other affiliate programs.

So, the best way to stay safe on this platform is to write a lot of quality content that is not just dedicated to promoting affiliate products.

Final thoughts on the best Clickbank traffic methods

The 9 free Clickbank traffic sources above can give you the best traffic to promote Clickbank offers.

When it comes to increasing traffic using free methods, knowing how to create content can make all the difference.

Using an automated affiliate marketing website to drive traffic to deals is the way to go if you don't want to create content, and this is one of the best ways to do it.affiliate marketing trackeron the social networks.

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If you like social media then you must learn how to promote Clickbank links on the best social media platforms for affiliate marketing.


How do I find the best ClickBank product to promote? ›

Find a ClickBank Product to Promote in 6 Easy Steps
  1. Step 1: Brainstorm your niche. ...
  2. Step 2: Understand your customers. ...
  3. Step 3: Find best selling products on ClickBank to research. ...
  4. Step 4: Opt for markets with multiple products. ...
  5. Step 5: Focus on high commission percentage offers (65% or greater).
Jun 4, 2018

What is the best traffic source for affiliate marketing? ›

Social media is one of the best and easiest traffic sources for affiliate marketing. If your audience is hanging out on social media, then you and your affiliate offers need to be there. You can use social media in many ways, including: Participating in communities with a need for your product.

Can I promote ClickBank products directly? ›

So, you should create a Squidoo Lens for every Clickbank product that you want to promote. You can add articles, write product reviews, or make a sales copy. You should add your affiliate link together with relevant keywords, customer testimonials, and products.

What are the top 3 sources of paid traffic? ›

5 Best Paid Traffic Sources For 2022
  • Google Adwords – AdWords are an old-school paid traffic source that still offers huge potential rewards, though the cost per click is often high.
  • Facebook Ads.
  • Outbrain Amplify For Advertisers.
  • LinkedIn Ads.
  • Twitter Ads.
Jan 11, 2022

What is the best traffic source for website? ›

The Top 6 Traffic Sources for Your Ecommerce Business
  • Organic Search. In an ideal world, everyone would find your site naturally. ...
  • Social Media. Social media is a necessity if you're looking to increase traffic. ...
  • Paid Advertising. ...
  • Email. ...
  • Mobile Optimizations. ...
  • Engage Customers with Comments.

How do I promote ClickBank products on social media? ›

Let's go.
  1. Sign up. The first thing you should do is join the Clickbank affiliate network. ...
  2. Choose a niche. ...
  3. Find Products. ...
  4. Create a landing page. ...
  5. Make use of Instagram to increase traffic. ...
  6. Step 1: Create an Instagram account and include a link in your bio. ...
  7. Step 2: Promote your Instagram. ...
  8. Follow up on leads.
May 21, 2022

Who is the #1 ClickBank affiliate in the world? ›

The world's #1 Clickbank marketer, Robby Blanchard, has announced a new course called Commission Hero Pro. That course teaches you how to generate thousands of dollars per day online through Clickbank affiliate commissions. In the $2,500 course, Robby teaches you his proven methods for generating income online.

How to be successful with ClickBank? ›

ClickBank Success In 7 Steps
  1. Understand The Game of Affiliate Marketing. ...
  2. Understand the ClickBank Platform. ...
  3. Choose An Evergreen Niche. ...
  4. Choose Good Products That Convert. ...
  5. Focus On One Traffic Source (at first) ...
  6. Build a List. ...
  7. Engage With Your Audience.
Oct 26, 2020

What traffic sources do you use? ›

The three main traffic sources are direct, referral, and search, although your website may also have traffic from campaigns such as banner ads or paid search. In addition to measuring the number of visitors from each traffic source, consider analyzing the number of goal completions from each source.

How do I promote my ClickBank affiliate marketing? ›

You can generate traffic in two different ways: through paid marketing and free, off your own platform. Paid marketing, like pay per click advertising (PPC) and banner ads can be effective, but also expensive. Free marketing, like promoting through your platform is cost effective, but can take time to gain traction.

How do I get products to sell on ClickBank? ›

Step 1: Log in to your ClickBank account. Step 2: Click the Affiliate Marketplace tab. NOTE: If you want to save or favorite any marketplace offers, access the marketplace from your nickname account. Step 3: Select All to show the available categories in the Marketplace.

What are the 5 major channels for site traffic? ›

The 7 main channels to acquire web traffic
  • #1 Marketing email. ...
  • #2 Social networks. ...
  • #3 Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ...
  • #4 Content marketing. ...
  • #5 Online advertising. ...
  • #6 The blog. ...
  • #7 Referral.
Sep 13, 2021

What are the four types of traffic? ›

We're going to explore four types of website traffic today:
  • Direct traffic.
  • Referral traffic.
  • Organic traffic.
  • Social traffic.
Mar 6, 2020

Can I promote ClickBank products on Google Ads? ›

Additionally, you can earn lots of money by selling ClickBank products through Google Ads. Fortunately, you can find lots of information on the internet about how this powerful combination helps you to increase your website conversions and improve your sales.

What is the fastest way to get traffic to your website? ›

How to increase website traffic
  1. Run paid ad campaigns.
  2. Engage on social media.
  3. Hire influencers.
  4. Use content marketing.
  5. Apply SEO strategies.
  6. Explore traditional marketing like tv, radio or mail.
Nov 30, 2022

How can I get millions of traffic on my website for free? ›

Strategies to Increase Web Traffic for Free
  1. Utilize Social Media to Reach More People. ...
  2. Use Hashtags to Target Your Content. ...
  3. Perform On-Page SEO Optimization. ...
  4. Increase Back-links To Improve Brand Authority. ...
  5. Have a Content Marketing Plan and Share Engaging Posts. ...
  6. Write a Guest Post for Other Websites. ...
  7. Create a Content Schedule.
Jun 30, 2021

Does ClickBank pay daily? ›

By default, payments are issued to ClickBank users on Friday, two days after the end of the pay period. If the account has opted to be paid via direct deposit (international or US), users are eligible to receive their payment weekly, rather than biweekly (every other week).

How many ClickBank products can I promote? ›

One ClickBank account allows a seller to offer up to 500 products. See the Selling Multiple Products article for more information about adding products after your first.

Who is the highest paid affiliate marketer? ›

Who is the highest-paid affiliate marketer? Pat Flynn is one of the successful affiliates who earned over $3 million. Almost 80% of his income comes through affiliate marketing. Finch Sells is another example of a high-paid affiliate marketer promoting various affiliate programs.

What is the average income in ClickBank? ›

Avg. Base Salary (USD)

Clickbank pays an average salary of $257,155 and salaries range from a low of $226,062 to a high of $292,211. Individual salaries will, of course, vary depending on the job, department, location, as well as the individual skills and education of each employee.

What is the easiest affiliate marketing? ›

The nine best beginner-friendly affiliate marketing programs
  • Amazon Associates. Amazon Associates is the absolute best affiliate marketing program for beginners. ...
  • All the big box stores. ...
  • AvantLink. ...
  • ShareASale. ...
  • Commission Junction. ...
  • TUNE. ...
  • Impact Radius. ...
  • Refersion Marketplace.
Nov 17, 2022

What items sell best on ClickBank? ›

Back in January 2021, we started regularly releasing monthly rankings for the latest top ClickBank products (including both CPA and RevShare offers).
  • Yogaburn. Category: Women's Health. ...
  • Resurge. Category: Dietary Supplements. ...
  • Numerologist. ...
  • Venus Factor System. ...
  • Trim Down Club. ...
  • Leptitox. ...
  • Organifi. ...
  • Phone Detective.

What is the best gravity score on ClickBank? ›

On the seller side, your first goal is to have a Gravity Score above 0. It gets MUCH easier to bring new affiliates on board once your offer is actively making sales! Depending on whether you want to scale your offer with big affiliates, however, you may ultimately need to aim for a Gravity Score of 150 and higher.

What is average $/ conversion on ClickBank? ›

Avg $/Conversion:

This number is the average commission that an affiliate earns for each conversion to the seller's offer, which includes the earnings from all sales (initial sales, upsells, and rebills).

How to be successful in ClickBank? ›

ClickBank Success In 7 Steps
  1. Understand The Game of Affiliate Marketing. ...
  2. Understand the ClickBank Platform. ...
  3. Choose An Evergreen Niche. ...
  4. Choose Good Products That Convert. ...
  5. Focus On One Traffic Source (at first) ...
  6. Build a List. ...
  7. Engage With Your Audience.
Oct 26, 2020

How do I promote ClickBank products for beginners? ›

You can promote ClickBank products through social media channels, email marketing, or your own website. You can also choose whether to invest in paid advertising (such as PPC and banner ads) to drive traffic, or to rely on search engine optimization to bring in free traffic.

How much can a beginner make on ClickBank? ›

How Much Can a Beginner Make on ClickBank? Your income depends on how much traffic you can send to a vendor's sales page. Using the above example, if you can generate enough traffic to make 10 monthly sales, you will earn $800 per month. If you can create 50 sales, you will earn $4,000 per month.

How much does ClickBank pay per sale? ›

Every time one of your products sell, ClickBank buys the product from you for $91.50 (92.5% of $100 minus $1). At this point in the sale you have earned $91.50. You have chosen to pay a 50% commission, so $45.75 (50% of $91.50) of this sale goes to the affiliate. Your total earning for the sale is $45.75.

How does ClickBank pay you? ›

ClickBank offers Direct Deposit, Wire and Checks as payment methods for clients to receive their funds. Accounts receiving direct deposit and wire payments (US or International) are eligible for once per week or once per two week payments. Check payments are available once every two weeks.

What is a good monthly conversion rate? ›

If 6% of your website visitors join your mailing list or make a purchase, your website is 6% effective. But here's the thing: That's actually very good. In fact, a “good” website conversion rate falls between 2% and 5% across all industries.

What is a good conversion rate for clicks? ›

The average conversion rate for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is 2.35%. If you're looking to achieve a good conversion rate for your PPC ads, aim for a conversion rate of 10% or higher.

Is Spark by ClickBank worth it? ›

In my opinion, it is worth a test drive, especially for half off the first month. But even if you aren't ready to sign up right now, it's something to think about for the future. That's because Spark by ClickBank is still a work in progress… And it always will be!


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