Synoshi Reviews - Should You Buy a Portable Power Spin Scrubber or Scam? (2023)

Cleaning is a time-consuming activity that makes you ache. Most people look for alternatives that make their work easier, such as cleaning products and tools.

Synoshi is an innovative cleaning tool that saves time and effort. The device uses a rotating instrument that makes cleaning effective and fast. It is a user-friendly and inexpensive cleaning tool.

The following Synoshi review reveals the working mechanism, features, benefits and prices of the device.

What is Synoshi?

Synoshi is an electric cleaning device that you can use to clean a wide variety of surfaces. It can remove dirt, grime and even stubborn stains.

The handheld uses effective cleaning technology with multiple brush heads for versatility. Thanks to the large internal battery, it offers more power for more important tasks. Synoshi helps improve clutter by thoroughly cleaning your space without leaving any dirt or germs behind.

The device has two switched electric motors that thoroughly clean all surfaces, including the hard-to-reach places behind the toilet, tight corners and cracks in floor tiles. It improves efficiency by reducing the time it takes you to clean a room compared to a regular brush that would take hours to clean the same area. According to the makers of Synoshi, the device cuts cleaning time by more than half.

This device is easy and convenient due to its portable and cordless design. You can also clean other surfaces with the three different brushes. The stiff, brittle brush helps you remove stubborn dirt while the sponge cleans smooth surfaces.

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With Synoshi it is not necessary to use aggressive cleaning agents. It even works with mild soap. The battery life of the device is up to 45 minutes, after which you can charge it again.

Synoshi has an innovative L-design and the brush is connected to the pointed edge. Thanks to the waterproof function, you can clean it even when it is wet. The wireless device allows you to remove mold on walls.

Synoshi Reviews - Should You Buy a Portable Power Spin Scrubber or Scam? (1)

How does Synoshi work?

Synoshi rotates automatically while you clean. The performance simplifies your daily cleaning process. The unit has two-speed motors that spin scrubbers, stiff bristles and sponges for a faster and more effective cleaning experience.

It can remove dirt, grime and mold, even in hard-to-reach places. The L-design of the device offers a lot of space to hold. It gives you something to hold on to and makes cleaning easier. The handle is long enough to keep your hands away from the surface to be cleaned and dirt.

You can clean multiple surfaces with different brush attachments. Synoshi is equipped with IPX5 waterproof technology, so you can use it under a running shower or in the sink. When fully charged, the device will work for up to 45 minutes. A USB Type-C charger is included for easy charging.

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Synoshi's features

Synoshi has unique features that make it remarkable. These are the main features of the device:

Electric motor with two speeds

Synoshi has a built-in electric motor that allows you to clean faster and reduces the cleaning time by more than half. The Power Scrubber thoroughly cleans all surfaces and, thanks to its unique function, even removes germs and mold in the shortest possible time.

IPX5 waterproof technology

Thanks to the waterproof function, you can use Synoshi even when it gets wet. With the device you can clean your shower, sink or swimming pool without having to worry about splashing water damaging them.

Multiple brush heads

Synoshi comes with multiple brush heads for cleaning different surfaces. Brush heads contain a scrubber, brush and sponge for scrubbing, brushing and mopping surfaces. The brushes have the same powerful rotating action for effective cleaning.

Ergonomic design

The hand spin scrubber has a non-slip design that is easy to grip and you no longer have to worry about slipping while cleaning.


The portable cleaning device has a universal USB Type-C charger that allows you to use it anywhere without relying on external batteries. The battery power of the device is 1200 mAh, which guarantees a cleaning time of 45 minutes, depending on the surface to be cleaned.


When you use Synoshi, you don't have to mess with cords or tidy up next to an outlet. To start cleaning, turn on the device and get to work.

Compact and portable

Synoshi is a portable, lightweight device that makes cleaning easy. With these properties you can clean the tightest corners and smallest spaces.

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The benefits of Synoshi

It saves money and time

Cleaning can be very tedious for someone who is busy. Synoshi helps you save three quarters of every hour you would spend cleaning and scrubbing with standard tools. The two-speed electric motor makes cleaning faster and less stressful. The device is affordable given the time savings.

It kills germs and bacteria

Germs and bacteria are known to spread disease and infection. If left untreated, the germs and bacteria multiply, making symptoms worse. Synoshi is the perfect solution for cleaning corners where germs hide.

Minimal effort

Synoshi requires minimal effort to use. No pressure is needed on the surface that puts stress on your joints or muscles. The automatic rotation function does the heavy lifting for you.

Reduces hand aches and pains

Thorough cleaning can lead to joint pain. With Synoshi you will not have sores, blisters or hand pain.


Synoshi can clean different things and surfaces. You can change the main brushes for other surfaces. Most people use Synoshi to clean windows, tires, pots, pans, kitchen countertops, glass and ovens.

protect your skin

Most cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that are sensitive to your skin and can cause dryness, irritation, and itching. Synoshi has a long handle that keeps your hands off the surface to be cleaned and ensures that you do not come into contact with the cleaning supplies.

Makes cleaning easier

According to the makers of Synoshi, the device makes deep cleaning easier due to its high speed and innovative design. With a rechargeable lithium battery of 1200 mAh, the device can work for a long time on a single charge.

Durable and environmentally friendly

The hand cleaning device is robust and extremely durable. It is made of high quality materials; So breaking it is a challenge. Compared to other cleaning tools that need to be replaced often, you will use Synoshi for a long time.

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Free from harsh chemicals

You don't have to use dangerous cleaning products. The rotational function of the turbo engine can effectively clean surfaces without relying on harsh chemicals.

You can use the device anywhere

Synoshi on indoor and outdoor surfaces. Most people use the portable device to clean their cars, countertops, kitchen floors and bathrooms.

Tidy up your house

If you are looking for a device to clean different rooms, Synoshi is the solution. It targets all areas with stubborn dirt, grime and mould. Using the device prevents contamination and bacteria, keeping your home clean and safe.

Synoshi Reviews - Should You Buy a Portable Power Spin Scrubber or Scam? (2)

Synoshi Pricing and Money Back Guarantee

You can buy Synoshi online from the official website with a 50% discount. These are the prices per quantity:

  • 1x Synoshi for $35.95
  • 2x Synoshi for $49.96
  • 3x Synoshi for $69.96
  • 4x Synoshi for $85.96

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on every Synoshi order. If you are not satisfied with the device, please contact customer service at 1(218) 304-4949 to arrange a refund.

Summary of Synoshi

Synoshi is a cordless electric cleaning device that meets all your surface needs. The multi-tool comes with brushes with which you can clean various surfaces such as doors, windows, pots, pans, cars, countertops, pans, glass and more.

The handheld device allows for effortless cleansing that does not strain any part of the body. It has a long handle so you can hold it firmly without slipping.

Synoshi is the best cleaning device for anyone who wants to clean thoroughly with minimal effort and energy, cut their cleaning time by more than half and anyone who is tired of straining their joints while cleaning.

The device is the new secret of a pristine environment. It has unique features that enhance its functionality. As the spin scrubber rotates, it removes dirt, grime, scum, mold and germs. You use the portable device on smooth surfaces and small, hard-to-reach places, even in corners.

According to the manufacturers, Synoshi cuts your cleaning time by more than half and is more efficient than other cleaning tools.

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Does the Synoshi really work? ›

Synoshi works perfectly well at deep cleaning. It comes with so many advanced and user-friendly features such as its hand-held and cordless features. Overall, Synoshi works better than any other cleaning tool out there!

Does hurricane spin scrubber work? ›

It works very well for cleaning my shower tiles and doors. Not so much on the floor of the shower which typically requires more elbow grease.

Are spin scrubbers good? ›

Spin scrubbers make some cleaning tasks much easier. They regularly do away with soap scum and dirt, but mildew stains may require more precise cleaning tools. Their effectiveness really relies on the power they put out and the job you are trying to do.

How long does the hurricane spin scrubber last? ›

It takes a full 20 hours to charge it the first time, and then 8 hours per charge after that. Each charge should give you about an hour of cleaning time.

What is most powerful spin scrubber? ›

Voweek Electric Scrub Brush – Most Robust

Boasting a powerful motor with a maximum spinning power of 300 RPM, this scrubber is capable of tackling any stubborn stains with ease. It also features a cordless design that lasts up to 1.5 hours after a fast charge, making it ideal for long cleaning sessions.

What are the drawbacks of wet scrubbers? ›

Some disadvantages of wet scrubbers include corrosion, the need for entrainment separation or mist removal to obtain high efficiencies and the need for treatment or reuse of spent liquid.

How do I choose an electric spin scrubber? ›

Things to Consider Before Buying Electric Spin Scrubbers
  1. Battery Capacity and Runtime: Cordless spin scrubbers run on battery power. ...
  2. Noise Level: You don't want a very noisy scrubber, especially now that everyone is at home. ...
  3. Replaceable Brush Heads: Rough or even surfaces differ in the tools and intensity of cleaning.
Sep 27, 2021

Which scrubber is good? ›

Yes, a silicone scrubber is better than a loofah because a silicone scrubber is comparatively gentler than plastic or natural loofah.

Do you have to sweep before using a floor scrubber? ›

Yes! Sweeping before using a Floor Scrubber will increase the cleanliness of the floor by reducing dirt, streaks, and dust. This will ultimately keep your machine performing at it's best and will reduce maintenance costs.

How do you disinfect a Spinbrush? ›

Once a week, soak your brush head in a bowl of rubbing alcohol for a minute. Don't rinse the alcohol off and let the brush head air-dry on a towel. This weekly “treatment” helps to kill any remaining bacteria that's left over from daily use.

How often should you replace scrubber? ›

That's why we recommend the 1-1-4 rule: Let your sponge dry out completely at least 1 time per week, sanitize your sponge in the dishwasher or microwave at least 1 time per week, and replace your brush or sponge once every 4 weeks.

How long should you keep a dish scrubber? ›

Ideally, you should replace your sponges after 30 uses. So, if you use the kitchen sponge on your dishes seven days per week, then your sponges need to be changed about once a month.

How long does it take to charge a hurricane spin scrubber? ›

Theres no need to waste money on batteries! Charge Hurricane Spin Scrubber for 20 hours after you remove it from the box. Subsequent charges only take up to 8 hours. A red indicator light lets you know the unit is charging.

How do I choose a floor scrubber? ›

Choosing the Right Machine for the Job
  1. Sweep or Scrub? This is the first consideration you need to make as you approach your purchase of a cleaner. ...
  2. Size of the space to be cleaned. ...
  3. Cleaning path sizes. ...
  4. Type of floor surface. ...
  5. Labor rate vs Machine cost. ...
  6. Maintenance.
Sep 16, 2021

Which is better copper or stainless steel scrubber? ›

Stainless steel scrubbers are not only used in kitchens, but also in industries, and they can remove the oily and dirty stains without hurting hands. Copper scrubbers would never rust or splinter, and they can remove the stubborn stains from the kitchenware or machine surface easily.

What are the three types of most common scrubbers? ›

In this scrubber selection guide, we'll look at the three major types of industrial scrubbers to choose from: wet scrubbers, dry scrubbers and electrostatic precipitators (ESPs). Each scrubber type offers its own uses, advantages and potential drawbacks.

What is the biggest problem with wet scrubbers? ›

Wet scrubbing systems are susceptible to several operating problems. The most common of these include inadequate liquid flow, liquid re-entrainment, poor gas-liquid contact, corrosion, and plugged nozzles, beds, or mist eliminators.

Is a wet scrubber better than a bag house? ›

cases, a wet scrubber may work better than a baghouse, even for dry dust. A wet scrubber is a device designed to remove a contaminant from an air stream using a scrubbing fluid or solution. The contaminants can be solids, liquids, or gases, and the solution is water-based and non-aqueous.

What is one advantage and one disadvantage of using scrubbers? ›

Compact; can often be retrofitted into existing collection systems.Disposal of waste sludge can be very expensive.
Corrosive gases and dusts can be neutralized.Requires makeup water to replace purged liquid and disposed sludge
3 more rows

What is an electric spin scrubber used for? ›

Spin scrubbers are electrical scrubbing devices that allows you to brush surfaces that needs hard or soft scrubbing. Spin scrubbers have a rotating brush-like material that spins after the electrical plug-in and allows the used to automatically scrub surfaces.

Why is an auto scrubber more cost effective than a floor scrubber swing machine? ›

Auto-scrubbers take away the effort needed to clean, meaning your staff no longer has to exert themselves to get the job done; they also enable staff them to cover a larger floor surface more efficiently. Operating an auto-scrubber is less tiresome for the user and allows them to maintain a higher productivity rate.

What can you use a spin scrubber for? ›

Thanks to the long handle and rotating brush head, the scrubber tackles tile, stones, grout, hard water stains, toilets, bathtubs and more. An internal motor powers the brush head, which reaches a speed of 380 RPM. Just take a trusted cleaning detergent and the electric spin scrubber does all of the hard work.

Is an air scrubber worth the money? ›

Are Air Scrubbers Really That Effective? Nothing is 100% effective, but air scrubber technology comes pretty close. Some models can eliminate up to 90% of airborne microorganisms, as well as 99% of surface microorganisms, including black mold, staph, and MRSA.

What are the two main types of scrubbers? ›

The two main types of scrubbers are wet scrubbers and dry scrubbers.

How do you disinfect a scrubber? ›

Try Using Dish Soap and Hot Water

Soak your sponges and brushes in the soapy water for at least an hour, preferably overnight if you can. Once they're done soaking remove them from the water and set them on a surface to dry.

Is it better to sweep a floor or to vacuum it why? ›

Both sweeping and vacuuming efficiently remove dirt and debris from the floor, but there are differences. Vacuuming picks up more dust than sweeping, but sweeping cleans up more quickly than vacuuming. Many people claim that the robot vacuum is best for hardwood floors.

Is it better to vacuum or sweep tile floors? ›

Vacuum cleaners work best for tile floors because brooms drive dirt into the air, leaving some of it in the gaps of your tiles and giving the impression that they are unglazed. The other most important reason is time saving features of modern vacuum cleaners.

Should you dust before or after mopping? ›

You should also organize any disorganized areas. If you are planning on mopping or vacuuming a room you should always dust before you do this, when mopping a surface, any dust on that surface will still be there after you mop and could even appear dirtier than when you started.

Does rubbing alcohol clean brushes? ›

The Isopropyl Alcohol acts an instant brush refresher to kill the bacteria and disinfect the brush. When cleaning brushes we recommend using a 70% grade so it is not harsh on the skin. Pour the Isopropyl Alcohol into a small bowl. Dip the brush into the bowl, and move it around for about 10 to 20 seconds.

Will isopropyl alcohol disinfect toothbrush? ›

Can Rubbing Alcohol Disinfect a Toothbrush? According to Arctic Dental, yes, you can sanitize a toothbrush in rubbing alcohol. Rinse the brush first to remove any trapped particles. Soak the brush in isopropyl/rubbing alcohol for about 30 seconds and then rinse well before use.

How do you clean brushes with hydrogen peroxide? ›

To clean makeup brushes with hydrogen peroxide, mix equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide in a bowl. Then, swirl your makeup brushes in the solution and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Let the brushes air dry before using them again.

How often do you need to change the brush on a toilet? ›

Replace every few months

Toilet brush: You should replace your toilet brush every few months or when you see the bristles start to bend—whichever comes first.

How do I know how many air scrubbers I need? ›

The air scrubber flow rate CFM is divided by the cubic volume of the contaminant space and then multiplied by 60 to convert minutes to hours. Let's say the enclosure is 25' x 32' x 12' and that 4 air exchanges per hour are required. Answer: Calculate the cubic volume – 25' x 32' x 12' = 9600 ft³

How long can I leave air scrubber on? ›

Most industry guidelines call for running an air scrubber for between 24 to 48 hours. As most scrubbers do four to six full air exchanges each hour, this amount of time will allow the scrubber to do its work effectively and efficiently.

How often should you wash your dishcloth? ›

You should wash dish towels frequently—we recommend every three to five days. Depending on how you use the dish towel, you may need to wash it more often. For example, if you use a dish towel to clean up spills and messes, we recommend swapping it out for a clean one and washing it sooner so bacteria don't build up.

Where do you keep a dish scrubber? ›

How to Store Your Dish Brush. The best way to store your brush is either upright in a dry cup or holder or hanging it. Both help keep your dish brush dry and mold-free.

How long do floor scrubber batteries last? ›

Simple reasons floor scrubbers fail involve the batteries themselves. For most machines, their batteries should last between two and five years. The lifespan depends on usage frequency and maintenance. To check if your battery is dead, place a voltmeter on the contacts.

How often should floor scrubbers be recharged? ›

Charging. Your goal is to fully charge your Floor Scrubber batteries after each use. Preferably, get them fully charged and in float at least 4 hours before use. This is the cooling period in the cycle.

What can you clean with a hurricane spin scrubber? ›

Hurricane Spin Scrubber will blast through every last bit of dirt, grime, soap scum, lime scale, calcium and hard water stains like a whirlwind! With three interchangeable heads, spinning at an incredible 300rpm, and an extension pole that means you can reach every corner of your bathroom without bending or stretching.

How effective are wet scrubbers? ›

A wet scrubber's particulate collection efficiency is directly related to the amount of energy expended in contacting the gas stream with the scrubber liquid. Most wet scrubbing systems operate with particulate collection efficiencies over 95 percent.

How effective are scrubbers acid rain? ›

Flue gas desulfurization systems (FGD) or scrubbers are devices capable of sulfur removal efficiencies between 50% to 98%.

How effective are dry scrubbers? ›

The process can achieve about 95% SO2 removal efficiency. Because of high SO2 removal efficiency the Ca:S. ratio (1.2–1.5) of the dry scrubber process is less than that of the sorbent injection system. (For more information, refer to Section 5.4, in Chapter 5, Fluidized Bed Combustion Boilers.)

How long does it take an air scrubber to clean a room? ›

Using a well-equipped air purifier can greatly reduce the impact of air pollution indoors. The most commonly asked question is how long does it take for an air purifier to work? Generally, an air purifier takes about 30 minutes to two hours to purify a room.

What are 3 disadvantages of acid rain? ›

Swimming in an acidic lake or walking in an acidic puddle is no more harmful to people than swimming or walking in clean water.
  • Acid Rain Harms Forests. Acid rain can be extremely harmful to forests. ...
  • Acid Rain Damages Lakes and Streams. ...
  • Acid Rain Damages Buildings and Objects.

Can baking soda remove acid rain? ›

Sodium bicarbonate, otherwise known as baking soda, neutralizes acid rain deposits and is the main ingredient in most quality rain repellants. Apply the baking soda in large clumps onto a wet cloth, and then wipe the mixture on the entire surface of your car windshield until it dissolves.

How effective are SO2 scrubbers? ›

The reaction enables the SO2 to be removed before it's released into the atmosphere. Duke Energy's newer scrubbers are typically designed to remove 95% or more of the SO2 from the exhaust gas.

What is the difference between a wet scrubber and a dry scrubber? ›

Dry scrubbers are typically composed of filters that catch and remove particulates. The most common type of dry scrubber is the fabric filter, which uses a layer of cloth or other porous material to capture particles. Wet scrubbers use a chemical reaction to remove particles from the gas stream.

What do scrubbers remove 90% of? ›

Spray-tower scrubbers can remove 90 percent of particulates larger than about 8 μm. In orifice scrubbers and wet-impingement scrubbers, the air-and-droplet mixture collides with a solid surface. Collision with a surface atomizes the droplets, reducing droplet size and thereby increasing total surface contact area.


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