Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (2023)

Do you feel a rather unusual love affair for your siblings? Well then Raksha Bandhan should be just around the corner!

Come August and all that sibling love resurfaces in every desi household. The usual sibling drama is swept under the rug, much to the delight of all parents. Instead, excitement is in the air as the siblings long to find exciting and unique gifts for each other.

Raksha Bandhan, one of our favorite traditional festivals in India, is now celebrated in different religions and in different locations, making the ceremony very special and meaningful. While tying the 'rakhi' to symbolize the bond between siblings is usually the main essence of the festival, it is the mood in abundance of gifts that is usually the highlight!

Because let's face it, who doesn't love a festival where it's all about pampering?

Gone are the days when traditional gifts such as chocolates, notes and flowers sufficed. Ideally, brothers give their sisters unique and exciting gifts on Raksha Bandhan, but nowadays even sisters give gifts to each other so that they can win the title of AMAZING sibling of the year, which can take a day.

After all, sharing a lifetime of memories calls for a mega party!

With the festival approaching, finding the perfect gift for our siblings can be a daunting task. The pressure mounts when siblings rely on Google or convenience stores for last-minute gifts because they have no idea what to get each other.

Do not worry! This year is bound to be one of the books, as we're here to help you build excitement and choose the perfect gift.

Whatever your sibling's personality type, we've got you covered with this edition of exceptional gifts that are sure to crown you "Sibling of the Year":

1. For the gizmo freak siblings

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (1)

Fotocredit: BOOT Smartwatch

Is your sibling a gizmo freak? Then a smartwatch is the perfect Raksha Bandhan gift.

In today's fast-paced world, smartwatches make life so much easier. Simplifying our complicated lives, one function at a time. Telling the time, waking us up with built-in alarms, keeping us fit with step and activity tracking, enabling on-the-go calls, syncing to our favorite music, tracking O2 and heart rate levels, smart watches can easily be one of the most exciting and valuable inventions.

These wonder watches, which integrate seamlessly into our daily lives, come in different price ranges depending on their capabilities. They simplify life to a whole other level. The perfect thoughtful gift for your over-the-top sibling. Of course you love dearly!

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2. Rakhi gift for your sister with "exquisite taste".

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (2)

Photo credit: The Good Earth

Does your sibling like chill vibes? Then this Savannah Aromatherapy Gift Set is the ideal Rakhi gift, this Raksha Bandhan.

This majestic and elegant set, inspired by the savannah region of Central Africa, includes a ceramic smoker with hand-drawn motifs of giraffes, elephants and baobab trees in a beautifully illustrated gift box, tea lights and a savannah aroma blend of natural cypriol, ylang-Ylang essential oils , cloves, guaiac wood and palmarosa.

Crafted from bone china ceramic and beautifully hand decorated with artwork, this fumer can instantly add elegance to any room and is guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

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3. Best Rakhi gift for your workaholic brother or sister

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (3)

Photo credit: Italian

This pandemic, the next best thing to an actual transformation, is taking your workplace to the next level. Being married to work is no fun, especially with all the damage it does to your body. So, this Raksha Bandhan, give your siblings the ultimate Rakhi gift - this chic, aesthetic, spine-friendly chair from Italica.

A one-stop solution to all that drama your siblings keep complaining about. The Italica ergonomic chair has a curved, flexible backrest that gives you lumbar and upper back support, corrects your posture and keeps back pain at bay. Made of high-quality new plastic, the flexible backrest moves with your spine, so your siblings can never apologize for back pain while you ask them for a glass of water. Doctors over-recommend this excellent chair.

LiThis ergonomic chair is lightweight, sturdy and fits perfectly in every corner of your home. This ergonomic chair is guaranteed to enhance any workspace and give it a stylish makeover while keeping your siblings' backs protected during those endless hours of sitting.

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4. Tea basket for the English soul

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (4)

Photo credit: tea box

This is for all the tea lovers in the house!

If your siblings live for tea, this set will make their day! Did you know that high quality teas have been recognized since ancient times as gifts of status and health for their many health benefits? A tradition that continues into modern times with the tea box gift set from all over the country!

Beautifully crafted, the Teabox 6 Compartment Tea Chest is the epitome of elegance suffused with sophisticated flavours.

This beautifully crafted box comes complete with 6 amazing regional blends including Assam Masala Chai, Bombay Cutting Masala Chai, Caramel Spice Chai, Punjab Masala Chai, Wayanad Cardamom Masala Chai and Kolkata Street Masala Chai. A divinely tasteful rakhi gift that your siblings will really appreciate. With every sip.

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5. Geschwister "Teda Hai Par Mera Hai".

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (5)

Photo credit: The Knotty Rope

Do you have a quirky sibling who is little Teda and likes the unusual?

This innovative The Crescent - Arched Floor Lamp is something they would love.

This floor lamp is nothing short of a marvel that is unusual yet elevates the space to the next level. Complete with a sleek arch and contemporary design, and paired with a drooping cone-shaped shade, it's undoubtedly one of the most unique lamps you're likely to have seen. ,

It is an ideal Rakhi gift for all your near and dear ones.

So gift your brothers and sisters this unique lamp of this Raksha Bandhan and brighten up their lives.

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6. Rakhi Gift for the "Live Life King Size"

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (6)

Photo credit: Gourmet

Does your sibling like everything good and wine?

Well, this year's gorgeous and delicious Gourmaison cheese platter is the perfect yummy rakhi gift.

This gift is indeed a unique gift and embodies the good life. This dish contains various cheeses such as herbs and peppers, truffle pistachios, cheddar chives, almonds and berries with crackers.

And don't forget to pair it with a fresh bottle of red wine!

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7. For the siblings who always smell good

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (7)

Fotocredit: All Good Scent

Who isn't fascinated by scent? We all do.

Perfumes are a popular gift option when it comes to the people you love. Especially when it comes to someone you've shared your entire life with. You deserve only the best.

Give your siblings this enchanting feminine gift collection for women from All good Fragrance. This pampering set has a sweet and floral fragrance with Rose and Jasmine Eau de Parfum that is enchanting and sensual. Incredibly wearable, these fragrances are the perfect addition for almost any occasion.

From a girl's lunch to a girl's dinner, this set is the perfect rakhi gift for your sister.

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8. For the family travel bug

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (8)

Photo credit: This Thrillophilia

Sitting at home for the past 18 months has been a challenging phase for any travel enthusiast. But now that we can get out and about a bit, why not give your siblings the perfect rakhi gift - an experience!

Say goodbye to the traditional way of giving and say hello to this innovative idea. With Thrillophilia, you can buy your sibling a gift voucher of any value from a trek to Ladakh to a water sports combo in Goa. This card can be used for travel, accommodation and activities to ensure a smooth journey.

It's time to awaken her wanderlust!

You're guaranteed to floor your siblings and earn brownie points when you need your next favor.

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9. Rakhi gift for the adventurous junkie siblings

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (9)

Photo credit: Decathlon

Is your sibling an adventure junkie? Well, it only makes sense to personalize their Rakhi gift and give them something that will support them on all those adventurous trips.

This waterproof 3-in-1 travel trekking jacket Travel 500 -10°C is every adventure junkie's best friend. A warm, waterproof, durable 3-in-1 multi-pocket jacket that lets you travel the world with confidence. Designed to easily adapt to changing climate conditions and temperatures down to -10°C, this jacket features a removable and compressible quilted jacket that can be used when needed, giving your sibling a stress-free walk.

This RakshaBandhan, let the adventures begin.

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10. For the caffeine addict

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (10)

Image source: enescafe

A hot cup of coffee can take away all your worries!

Especially if your sibling is a die-hard coffee addict and needs a daily dose of coffee on the go, NESCAFÉ's É is a perfect rakhi gift this year.

This intelligent coffee maker with app is a unique game changer in the room, allowing you to enjoy a variety of delicious coffee recipes at the touch of a button. Fully equipped with frothing and heating functions, the É can quickly brew a great tasting coffee in less than 90 seconds. In addition, this outcome can be paired via Bluetooth with the NESCAFÉ É Connected Mug app, allowing the user to personalize their experience.

Your siblings can easily enjoy their coffee, hot or cold, even on the go, in this 100% spill and leak proof thermal insulated mug

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11. For the queen of the kingdom

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (11)

Tekenaar: Suhani Pittie

Is your sister the "Timeless Jewelery" type?

If so, versatile, timeless pieces from Suhani Pittie make the perfect rakhi gift for your sister.

Buy a beautiful piece from The Affirmation Edit, a collection that embraces the powerful emotion of our connections to ourselves and those closest to us.

A stunning range encompassing hope, joy and love in elegant, everyday designs. You can choose from an assortment of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and cuffs for everyday use.

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12. The health-conscious

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (12)

Photo credit: BlendJet

Do you like mixing? These are for all the smoothie lovers in the house.

If your sibling is a fitness freak and loves smoothies, the BlendJet 2 is the perfect rakhi gift for him or her.

Give them the freedom to blend their favorite smoothies, shakes and margaritas on the go, without the limitations of a regular blender.

With this portable blender, you can prepare anything anywhere in the world - from a mountaintop to your desk at work. It is effortless and can be comfortably used at work, outdoors, at the gym, in the car, at the beach, on vacation or wherever the day takes you. You can make almost anything with this super portable blender. Add your ingredients and make high-quality drinks, mixed drinks and creamy lattes, dips, dressings, sauces and much more.

In fact, a double press of the power button turns your BlendJet 2 portable blender into a powerful food processor that can pulverize fruits and veggies, giving you everything from hummus to salsa in seconds.

Trust us, your siblings will be showing off all their new creations on Instagram with this innovative gift.

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13. The roulette lover's siblings

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (13)

Photo Credit:

Does your brother like roulette and having fun?

Then this rakhi gift will undoubtedly make their day!

This roulette drinking game is portable and brings a whole new level of fun. Complete with 16 detachable shot glasses and is extremely easy to play. This unique drinking roulette game set includes a roulette wheel, 16 numbered shot glasses and some metal balls.

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14. The species and plant breeders

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (14)

Fotocredit: Plant Guru

There is something special about caring for plants. Plants tend to enhance the atmosphere in a room. The pandemic has led so many people to care for plants and grow their herbs.

If your siblings are such a plant lover, you can choose something special for this Raksha Bandhan on this website. From different types of plants to different types of herbs and vegetables, gift your sibling this rakhi the key to sustainable living.

From air-purifying houseplants to floral beauties to an array of home-grown veggies, your siblings will love their rakhi gift this year as they get hooked on the process!

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15. Lance Armstrong's siblings

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (15)

Fotocredit: Leader Bicycles

With the approaching pandemic and closed gyms, almost everyone has switched to outdoor workouts. While walking and jogging are the new main ways to keep fit, cycling immediately became fashionable for everyone. Mountain bikes are in power these days with the latest gadgets as everyone seems to be on a mission to get fit.

If your sibling is a fitness fanatic, this Xtreme 26T IBC rear suspension bike is the perfect Rakhi gift.

A rear suspension bike is the perfect choice for your sibling because of its high build quality and excellent reliability. Complete with a sturdy frame and high traction tires, ensure it offers a high safety quotient.

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16. The kind of Netflix and chill

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (16)

Fotocredit: BenQ

Does your sibling eat, sleep, breathe movies?

Well, let's take it a step further and gift them something that can help them "live this raksha bandhan in the movie".

Gift them this portable Benq projector with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker to make their dream come true. This beauty is big enough to fit in the palm of your hand and connects to Wi-Fi with ease. It has a built-in portable Bluetooth speaker and syncs with any device and streaming apps so you can watch Netflix and chill.

A rakhi gift that allows our brothers and sisters to queue everywhere and immerse themselves in a world of fantasy.

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17. Die star struck art

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (17)

Fotocredit: Wysh

Does your sibling have a soft spot for celebrities? Well, then it's just obvious that they actually need a list of their celebrities and mentors from all the industries they'd interact with. Well, now it's your turn to play the Djinn and make their dreams come true by giving them a virtual one-on-one time with their celebrity crush in this Raksha Bandhan.

Wysh offers you the exclusive opportunity to book a one-on-one session with THE WORKS from a list of celebrities and mentors from film, television and sports who want to make their loved ones feel special. From pre-recorded wishes to real-time live conversations, this season you can choose some screen time for your siblings as the perfect rakhi gift.

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18. For the fitness freaks

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (18)

Fotocredit: Wellnex

Who doesn't love some muscle breaks? Is your sibling someone who likes to exercise 7 days a week? If so, then this massage gun is made for you.

When we train constantly, we ignore that our body and muscles need some relaxation and rest. Without it, our body tends to feel sore and hurt. But don't worry, because we have an in-house masseuse for you!

The wellness hand massage gun K1 is a wonderful gift for your siblings who are always on the go. This portable and lightweight massage gun is equipped with six massage heads to target all muscle groups and has a high-capacity battery that allows it to run for approximately 4 to 7 hours per charge. It operates at near-silent noise levels and features a powerful, high-torque motor to help knead and relax those overworked muscles.

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19. For the "I'm old-fashioned at heart" kind of person.

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (19)

Fotocredit: oyehappy

If your siblings are old fashioned and still prefer radio to Spotify, here's a perfect surprise for them!

You can now gift your siblings their very own radio show, complete with a professional RJ to host them and all that jazz. All you have to do is log into the site and share details about your siblings, their preferences, fun memories, quirks - and will create a custom radio show just for you and your siblings.

All you have to do is put your sibling at ease, hit play, and watch the memories unfold as they laugh, get nostalgic, and even shed a few tears.

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20. For the not-so-lazy bum

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (20)

Photo credit: Mojo

The New Normal has taken over our lives and we are all glued to our chairs and laptops.

But that harms our health in every way imaginable. So this Raksha Bandhan really protects your siblings by gifting them this unique, high quality and compact desk for working from home.

Simply grab the handle to adjust the height of the flexible tabletop to your sitting or standing position. With smooth mobility and durability, this desk is a breather for those who want to be active while they work, allowing them to stand and work whenever they want. Your sibling can now place this highly portable desk literally anywhere and work with ease. In addition, the ergonomic design makes viewing and typing easier and relieves neck, shoulder and back pain.

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21. For the furniture collector Accent

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (21)

Photo credit: Italian

Do your siblings like to owe Accent Furniture?

Then this beautiful Imperial S-shaped plastic chair from Italica is the perfect Rakhi gift for her.

This artistic monobloc S-shaped chair is made of lightweight plastic and has a unique design that will enhance any interior. This chair is sure to be a conversation starter as it has a wide and curved base instead of four legs, giving your home a modern, space-age look and instantly elevating the ambiance. This chair can be given away individually or as a gift.

Surprise your siblings with this super stylish purchase, this Raksha Bandhan.

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22. For the "GOOD HAIR=GOOD DAY" type.

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (22)

Fotocredit: Dyson

Today is all about our coronation. After all, hair plays an essential role in improving our appearance and contributes to our personality, doesn't it? Does your brother or sister often style their hair? If so, the Dyson hair dryer is the perfect Rakhi gift for her this year.

This popular hair dryer is designed for different hair types and boasts remarkable features such as fast drying, no extreme heat and gentle on the hair to achieve great style without damage. This hair dryer is a cult favorite and everyone on the internet seems to be obsessed with it.

Powered by the Dyson digital motor V9, this dryer comes with four magnetic styling tools, a freestyling comb and a stylish presentation to store this tool and protect it from wear and tear.

Slightly on the high end, this hair definition tool is worth every penny and is sure to make your sister jump for joy.

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23. Damn art in the 90s

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (23)

Photo credit:

The 90s were the best time of our lives! So let's not even discuss it.

How many times have we looked back and remembered the good old days

So, this Raksha Bandhan, give your siblings the perfect rakhi gift - take a trip down memory lane with this cool 90s box. This super cool set includes a 90s style retro mug, a notebook with Super Brother comics, some Archie comics, a pack of UNO cards, a pack of Phantom cigarettes, and a SUP game box with about 500 Old-School games, including our all-time favorite - Super Mario.

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24. For the family photographer

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (24)

Fotocredit: Instax

Polaroids are forever! Who doesn't love flipping through photo albums and reliving memories, especially if they're Polaroids? Finally, Polaroids usually have a certain nostalgic and trendy look. This is what the photos really look like.

The Fuji Instax mini11 instant camera is an adequate and much cheaper competitor to the original Polaroid. A cute and trendy rakhi gift for your siblings who love to capture memories on the go!

This unique camera is the perfect accessory that allows the user to capture unique moments during travel, parties, festivals, vacations, birthdays, weddings and fun days. It's your everyday companion, extremely portable and easy to use on the go.

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25. For the fabulous sissy

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (25)

Fotocredit: The Gift Affair

How about a gift that encapsulates the love you have for your sister and the extraordinary bond you will share this year.

After sharing a lifetime of special memories, everyday life, family vacations, and late night hangings, it's time you gift her something that encapsulates how you feel about her. This unique personalized gift basket from The Gift Affair makes a great rakhi gift and is sure to brighten her day. To make you the best brother ever!

This fantastic basket is a perfect collection of everything she needs. It includes a beautiful floral pattern scarf, a soft satin eye mask, a handmade rose soap, Khadi organic jojoba oil, a lavender jar and a pair of trendy earrings.

A gift basket so personalized and fabulous, she'll never be mad at you for long!

Buy itHere.

26. Personalized gift baskets for the Classic Souls

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (26)

Credit: Messycorner

They may be the most annoying roommates you've ever had, but they're also the ones who will always have your back no matter what.

They can fight you 24/7, but they will always have your back against the world.

They may complain and tease you all day, but you are their first real friend and someone they can't live without at the end of the day.

So this Raksha Bandhan, why not give him a perfect rakhi gift that will brighten up his day!

This trendy rakhi basket from Messy Corner has everything your siblings will really love. It includes a personalized rakhi, passport cover and wallet that can be customized in different colors and made of genuine leather or vegan leather. You can also choose a quirky, fun pendant that matches your sibling's personality. You can also add a personalized photo frame to complete this adorable gift basket.

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27. For the sock lover for the quirky

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (27)

Photo credit: Soho Soho

Does your sibling have an unusual fetish for pretty socks?

Then this beautiful sock box from is the perfect Rakhi gift for him. A collection of quirky designer socks for men, this box is perfect for men who like to make a style statement. This gift box contains everything from the mundane and subtle to the iconic and quirky, and includes 15 pairs of the highest quality socks, ready to instantly upgrade your style. Another great thing about these socks is that they are made of high quality combed cotton and antibacterial yarn that keeps your feet odor free and dry.

This fun collection comes in an antique wooden box that exudes charm and is sure to amaze your brother.

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28. For the Insta influencer of the house

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (28)

Fotocredit: Neon Attack

Today is about being unique. But while doing that, your space needs to represent that too and what better way to do that than with custom neon signs that can turn your boring space into an Insta-worthy place in an instant.

A perfect rakhi gift for your siblings who like to personalize their space with trendy and cool stuff. These amazing Neon Attack LED neon signs are available in any text you want. You can customize it further by choosing the font, opting for quotes and various options available on the site.

From your sibling's name to a quote from their favorite series, you can customize it to suit your siblings' preferences.

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29. For the "makeup is my first love" kind of person.

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (29)

Credit: Nykaa

Does your sibling love makeup, skin care, and all things self-care?

Then make this year's Rakhi gift for your sister something to remember and give her everything. Without the hassle of choosing the wrong make-up brands and face creams without hydrochloric acid. Give her this perfect gift card from Nykaa and let her choose her favourite.

All you need to do is sign up with Nykaa and choose a gift card based on your budget, and voila, your gift is in her mail.

It is really the easiest and best way to win your sister's love. And lots of future ammunition.

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30. For the family beer lover

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (30)

Photo credit:

This is for all the beer lovers in the house!

If your brother likes beer then look no further. This quirky beer basket from The Zappy Box is the ideal rakhi gift for your brother and will keep him smiling all day long.

This fun gift basket includes a magnetic wooden rakhi for beer lovers, a black 100% cotton 'BHAI TU BEER HAI' t-shirt, a fun 'Beer' fridge magnet, a Didier & Frank Spanish dark chocolate bar and a delicious sippin' cocktail mix. orange cinnamon.

Get ready to be tagged #BestSisterEver.

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31. For the skincare enthusiast

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (31)

Photocredit: Pahadilocal

Sustainable organic beauty has taken the world by storm due to its natural ingredients that regenerate and rejuvenate the skin. '

So this Raksha Bandhan, what better Rakhi gift than this exciting natural Pahadi ritual gift set for your skin care obsessed siblings.

Formulated with natural ingredients from the Himalayas, this range of organic beauty products aims to exfoliate, cleanse and revitalize the skin. Leaves skin feeling fresh and beautiful.

A complete skincare regimen, handcrafted to redefine your skin, this kit is suitable for all skin types. It is free of harmful chemicals and contains natural active ingredients. This kit is designed to awaken the senses with Apricot Kernel Oil, Walnut Oil, Apricot Flour Scrub, Sea Settling Salt and Himalayan Clay, a purifying blend of enriching antioxidants that purify and brighten your skin to reveal a radiant and flawless complexion.

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32. For the hippie decor of the house

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (32)

Photo credit: the brush life

Does your brother or sister like to decorate their room with aesthetic elements?

Then The Tassle Life has the perfect Rakhi gift for you with this playful set of 3 dreamcatchers.

These beautiful dreamcatchers are designed with floral prints and are perfect for decorating any room in your home. The multicolored tassels in shades of cream, pink, peach and blue add to the attractiveness and make them an absolute highlight in the room.

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33. For the hair fanatic

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (33)

Fotocredit: minimalco

Considering what hair products you should and shouldn't use, a silk pillowcase emerges as one of the most innovative beauty products you can invest in today.

Endorsed by hair stylists, dermatologists and many celebrities who all recommend using a silk pillowcase as it is gentle on your hair, prevents breakage and keeps frizz at bay. In addition, silk is gentle on the skin and retains moisture and all your night creams in your skin.

The perfect Rakhi gift for your hair obsessed sibling with this 100% mulberry silk pillowcase and instantly improve their hair, skin and sleep all at once.

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34. For the Minion lover

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (34)

Photo credit:

Who can resist the Minion spell? Is your brother also obsessed with minions?

Then feed her obsession with these super cute, super comfy plush slippers from The Sugar Box. The perfect rakhi gift indeed!

Take your siblings' slumber party or even the WFH look to the next level with these unisex slip-ons to make staying at home so much fun.

Buy itHere

35. For the busy bee

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (35)

Photo credit:

We live in a busy world. Where our day goes by at the speed of light and leaves us in a constant rush. Which often causes us to forget things.

This cartoon balloon is the perfect gift for your busy sibling to remind them of important things they often forget. Even at doctor's appointments, work meetings, milestone birthdays, and anniversaries, the Speech Bubble Light Box can be your personal assistant in its glowing, fantastic, white-lit glory! This fun gift is shaped like a speech bubble from a comic book and comes with a powerful battery-powered light, template and pen.

Light up your sibling's Raksha Bandhan with this cool and thoughtful Rakhi gift.

Buy itHere

36. For lovers of chic light

Best Rakhi Gifts For Sister And Brother - 36 Innovative Gift Ideas (36)

Photo Credit:

Don't we all like certain things about the homes of the people we visit? Whether it's the quirky doorknob, the trippy painting or the oddly shaped dining table. These pieces tend to interest us because they give us a glimpse into the personality of the homeowners.

So why not shun apparent gifts and give your siblings a pretty funky rakhi gift, this raksha bandhan. Especially if you like the extraordinary!

This unique modular touch-sensitive LED light allows you to create any structure or shape with the magnetic tiles. First connect the tiles on the magnetic edges and reveal the magic. Then connect one of the tiles to a power supply and watch all connected tiles light up instantly. All you have to do is set it up, swipe and enjoy the magic.

Your siblings will love it as they can customize the whole experience according to their mood and taste. This spectacular lamp features multicolored modular touch lights with five different tiles for a kaleidoscopic effect.

Buy itHere

With so many exciting gifts to choose from, you're well on your way to becoming #TheBestSiblingEver and ready to win the hearts of your siblings for a long, long time to come!

Choose something unique to suit your sibling's mood to spice up this Raksha Bandhan.

We know this year will be LIT!

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Clothes. Clothes are one of the most common, traditional gifts given during Raksha Bandhan. It is a symbolic gesture of support and protection that the brother extends towards his sister.

Which Colour is lucky for Raksha Bandhan? ›

Planet Mars rules the Lord of Aries. If your brother belongs to this sun sign, then you can choose red colour Rakhi for him on Raksha Bandhan 2022. The other Rakhi colours that will suit him based on his zodiac sign are orange or yellow. It is believed that it will infuse them with good energy.

How to celebrate Raksha Bandhan uniquely? ›

They perform prayers for the well-being of their brother and apply a "tilak" on the forehead of their brothers. Along with this, a portion of sweet/ dessert or dry fruits is fed to the brother and finally the rakhi is tied around the wrist of brother.

What type of gift should be given on Raksha Bandhan? ›

Raksha Bandhan celebrates the bond between siblings and gifts are an important part of the festival. Gifts that are typically given include sweets, clothing, or money. While other options include more useful ones like a book, a home accessory, apparel, or chocolates.

What should we keep in Raksha Bandhan? ›

Rakshabandhan Thali Decoration and essential things
  • Rakhi. Keep the Rakhi plate's protective thread there. ...
  • Sandalwood. Keep sandalwood in the Rakshabandhan plate because it is revered greatly. ...
  • Kumkum. Akshat is unquestionably utilised on all auspicious occasions in Hinduism. ...
  • Coconut. ...
  • Gangajal. ...
  • Lamp. ...
  • Sweets. ...
  • Handkerchief.
Aug 7, 2022

What is essential for Raksha Bandhan? ›

Tying Rakhi

This is the most crucial part of the whole celebration, tying the holy thread on the wrist of your brother and wishing all the luck, and success to him. Also, taking the promise that he will be there for you besides you regardless of the situation and will always stand with you and for you.

How to impress sister on Raksha Bandhan? ›

Engrave her favorite picture or a picture of you both together on a mug with some love message and surprise your sibling with this gift on this Raksha Bandhan. Personalized gifts are always the best items to be cherished forever.

What should a sister do for rakhi? ›

To celebrate the day, sisters tie rakhi on their brother's wrist and pray for his long life while the latter promise to protect them for life. A special Raksha Bandhan thaali is prepared by the sister with akshat (raw rice), roli, chandan, sweets, nariyal (coconut), beautiful rakhis, diya and kalash.

What is the Indian tradition for siblings? ›

During Rakshabandhan, sisters tie a protective thread around the right wrist of their brothers. Brothers give gifts and promise protection to their sisters. The word “rakshabandhan” means “tie of protection.” The festival affirms the crucial importance of family in the Hindu tradition.

Why do girls get money on rakhi? ›

The rakhi signifies her bond and support of her brother and cousins. In exchange, the sisters and/or cousins receive a gift from their brothers. The gift often is a check or cash. The boys are charged with the responsibility of protecting the girls from life's problems, and offering his blessings.

Who gives the gift in Raksha Bandhan? ›

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most auspicious festivals that celebrates the loving bond between a brother and sister. A sister ties a Rakhi band to her brother's wrist wishing him a healthy and prosperous life ahead. The brother in return gives her gifts as a token of love.

Should rakhi be tied only to brother? ›

No, rakhis are not exclusively tied only to brothers or male cousins. Today, rakhis are tied to people one knows from the neighbourhood, close family friends and sisters-in-law. It is a way of building love between people and wishing well for them.

Which God should we tie rakhi to? ›

It is believed that tying rakhi to Lord Hanuman on Raksha Bandhan day, calms anger between brothers and sisters. Moreover, worshipping Ganesha on this day increases the love between siblings.

Which God is Worshipped on Raksha Bandhan? ›

Just as a sister ties rakhi on a brother's wrist on Raksha Bandhan to invoke his protection, devotees pray to Lord Balarama, the original older brother, to protect them from the vices of life, which obstructs the path of bhakti.

What is the custom of Raksha Bandhan? ›

Traditionally, during the festival sisters tie a rakhi, a bracelet made of interwoven red and gold threads, around their brothers' wrists to celebrate their relationship. Today the festival has developed with others joining in the festivities: Priests tie rakhis around the wrists of congregation members.

How to celebrate rakhi without sister? ›

12 Things To Do On Raksha Bandhan When You Don't Have A Sibling
  1. Go For A YMCA Dance With Your Brother From Another Mother. ...
  2. Grab Your Guitar And Hit The Tunes Of Brotherhood For Everyone. ...
  3. You Can Celebrate It By Getting A Super Adorable Teddy For Your Baby Bro.

What do you give in return of Raksha Bandhan? ›

Traditionally the sister ties rakhi to her brother & they commemorate it with the latter offering gifts. However, with the ever-changing times, this occasion has progressed to mark the sister-sister bond too. The standard gifts include sweets, clothes or money.

How do you make your sister feel special? ›

It's helped me, and I hope it can help you too.
  1. Be there for her. Life is full of ups and downs. ...
  2. Support her dreams. ...
  3. Suprise her with a little gift. ...
  4. Love the people she loves. ...
  5. Spend quality time together. ...
  6. Keep her secrets. ...
  7. Defend her. ...
  8. Listen to her feedback and advice.
Nov 3, 2020

How do I pamper my sister? ›

Pamper them the right way. Who doesn't like gifts? Start the morning by getting them a bunch of their favourite flowers. Make some coffee for them and then treat them with a delicious cake.

Do sisters tie rakhi to bhabhi? ›

A new tradition in Rajasthan started which was meant to bring the whole family together and that is why sisters started tying rakhi to their sister-in-law (bhabhi) who is her forever kind of friend. To mark this special friendship, it is celebrated by sisters tying lumba rakhi to their bhabhi.

How long should you wear a rakhi? ›

It is upto the brother's discretion to decide till when he wants to continue wearing the thread. However, in Maharashtrian culture, it is said that the brother must continue wearing the rakhi for 15 days from the day of Raksha Bandhan. On the 15th day, a festival named Pola is celebrated by Maharashtrians.

What should brother do on rakhi? ›

Brothers should make sure to get the Rakhi tied on their right wrist. Brothers should avoid gifting sharp objects to their sisters as a gift because it is considered inauspicious. Before tying the Rakhi to your brother, it is important that you pray to god as well as put tilak and tie Rakhi to Lord Ganesha.

What is the Indian bracelet for brother and sister? ›

The rakhi is traditionally made from interwoven red and gold threads, and today the bands are often decorated with stones and beads and embellished with other colourful silk strands. A rakhi: traditional Indian wrist band which is a symbol of love between brothers and sisters.

What is unique Indian tradition? ›

Some common traditions of India are the Aghori sadhus of Varanasi, The Hola Mohalla warriors of Punjab, The Buddhist chanting of Ladakh, Chhau dance of Odisha, Thimithi aka the fire-walking tradition of Tamil Nadu and a festival to worship snakes: Nag Panchami.

What do Indians call their older sister? ›

Didi means elder sister. As an older sister from an Indian household, I'm familiar with the term, but it only felt like another word to say.

Can husband and wife tie Rakhi? ›

So if wondering 'Can a wife tie rakhi to her husband?,' then the answer is – Yes, a wife can tie rakhi to her husband. And why only husband and wife? Rakhi can even be tied by a daughter to her father and also by a couple to each other. This is simply because Rakhi is a thread expressing the promise of protection.

Why do you remove Rakhi from your wrist? ›

As per Hindu traditions, eight days after Raksha Bandhan we celebrate Krishna Janmashtami, which is said to be believed a perfect occasion for untying the Rakhi. Krishna Janmashtami is another major festival of all Hindu people which is celebrated on Amavasya to mark Lord Krishna's birth anniversary.

Why Rakhi is tied on left hand? ›

It is believed that clockwise direction is in order with the universe, while the anti-clockwise is against the order, thus leading to disorder. Therefore, the right hand is extended with much humbleness for rakhi tying ritual and that is why rakhi left or right hand will give you the answer - right hand.

What is the symbol of Raksha Bandhan? ›

On this day, sisters of all ages tie a talisman or amulet called the rakhi around the wrists of their brothers. They symbolically protect them, receive a gift in return, and traditionally invest the brothers with a share of the responsibility of their potential care.

What is the lucky time for Raksha Bandhan? ›

Aparahna (late afternoon) is considered as the best time during the Raksha Bandhan day to perform the thread ceremony or the tying of Rakhi.

Is rakhi right or left hand? ›

On which hand should the Rakhi be secured? Rakhi is usually secured on the right hand. In which direction should brothers sit while tying the Rakhi? The brother must sit facing the west while tying the Rakhi.

Should we tie rakhi on 11 or 12? ›

Therefore, the time to secure Rakhi starts only after 5:40 PM. Although the Purnima Tithi ends in the morning of August 12, Pandit Ji suggests it is best to celebrate Rakhi on August 11.

When should we not tie rakhi? ›

According to the legend, Bhadra period was going on when Lankapati Ravana's sister tied Rakhi. A year after that, Ravana was destroyed. It is believed that Bhadra was the sister of Shani Dev who was cursed by Brahma that whoever does auspicious work during the Bhadra period will have bad results.

Which gift is best for sister? ›

Check out the list of innovative gift ideas for sister below:
  • Personalised Gifts. No other gift can express your love the way personalised gifts do. ...
  • Cakes. No special occasion is complete without the inclusion of cakes. ...
  • Plants. ...
  • Chocolates For Sister. ...
  • Handbags For Sister. ...
  • Perfumes. ...
  • Watches For Sister. ...
  • Cosmetics and Spa Hampers.

How to compliment sister on Raksha Bandhan? ›

Happy Raksha Bandhan sister and one thing I never told you is that- I may search the world over, but there could not be a better sister than you. You are a gem of my life. Love you so much and I promise to protect you from every evil eye. I love you sister till death and will always be one call away in all your needs.

Do brothers give gifts to sister on Raksha Bandhan? ›

This one-day festival is celebrated with sisters tying Rakhi to their brothers. In return, brothers give some gifts or money to their sisters and vow to protect them from all the troubles of the world. Raksha Bandhan is one of the most popular festivals celebrated across India.

How can I thank my sister on Raksha Bandhan? ›

Here are some Raksha Bandhan wishes reply to sister:
  1. Dearest sister, First of all, a very "Happy Raksha Bandhan". ...
  2. A very big thank you for being my companion, my protector, and being equally weird with me. ...
  3. You have always been my best friend, holding my hand, making sure the road I traveled on was free of obstacles.

What makes sister happy? ›

Laugh and smile more.

This will make your sister feel the importance that you are giving her and also the attention that she has always craved. This will not only keep her happy but also encourage her to keep coming back to you to have a lot more conversations together.

What is the best message of Happy Raksha Bandhan? ›

Dear Brother, while tying this Rakhi, I pray to God for your peace, happiness, and prosperity. A warm and loving person like you deserves the best of life. Happy Raksha Bandhan.

What reply to give for Raksha Bandhan? ›

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, I thank you for your unconditional love and support. May you are blessed with happiness and prosperity. Warm wishes to you on Raksha Bandhan.

What is the bond between brother and sister in Raksha Bandhan? ›

As per the tradition of Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie rakhi on their brother's wrist, and in turn they promise to protect their sisters. But in modern times, Raksha Bandhan is also celebrated between two sisters as a bond of protection (raksha).

What should be Raksha Bandhan gift? ›

A nice wrist watch is something loved by everyone. It definitely makes a good gift on this auspicious occasion. If your brother or sister loves reading, then you can gift them the latest book by their favourite author, or their favourite book series like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc.

Why do brothers give money on rakhi? ›

A sister ties a Rakhi band to her brother's wrist wishing him a healthy and prosperous life ahead. The brother in return gives her gifts as a token of love. From cash to clothes to gift vouchers to gadgets…the list of gifts given to sisters is unending.

What is the importance of Raksha Bandhan for sister? ›

Reason for the celebration of this festival

The occasion is meant to celebrate any type of brother-sister relationship between men and women who may not be biologically related. On this day, a sister ties a rakhi around the wrist of her brother in order to pray for his prosperity, health and well-being.

What are the two words of Raksha Bandhan? ›

The two words 'Raksha' and 'Bandhan' stand for 'protection' and 'bond', respectively. It means that Raksha Bandhan is the festival that celebrates the bond of protection between a brother and his sister.


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