6 websites you can trust for product reviews and ratings (2023)

If you have spent time with itOnline research for a product, you've come across a lot of resources (and if you didn't find what you were looking for, you may have given up). Whether it's onestroller, educational toys for your toddler, a comfortable sofa bed or the best dealApple AirPodsThere is no shortage of brands competing for your money in every product category. Since most products require an investment, you not only want the best quality you can find, but also the assurance that it will last.

Getting the best recommendations combined with addingextended warranty protectionThe result is not only quality products at competitive prices, but also a cover that will protect your product for years to come. So before you start researching and shopping,Subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited. For just $9.99 per month, you get coverage for all your online purchases for the same productprotection plan.

Now let's talk about finding itProducts of the best qualityand which online resources you can rely on to provide informed product reviews, ratings, and recommendations. We've put together a list of six online resources that are known for their accurate and unbiased information, from product review blogs to consumer surveys. These could be your favorite places if you are looking for themreliable informationon the best products, regardless of the product category.

1. Consumer Reports

For unbiased, data-driven information,consumer reportsis a failsafe option for product ratings and reviews. Consumer Reports, a non-profit organization, has been an impartial source of information for consumers since 1936 (before online reviews were even popular!). Consumer Reports collects data from surveys, tests, and consumer reviews and recommends the best products to provide consumers with reliable information.

You can search the more than 7.7 million products Consumer Reports has reviewed to get a rating of the top competitive products in a specific category, a rating for each product tested or reviewed, and other valuable insights to help you make the most informed decision possible. If you search for things like "mattress reviews" or "dishwasher reviews," you can get tons of great product reviews.

2. Wire cutters

Now owned and operated by The New York Times,wire cutter is another trusted source for unbiased product reviews. At Wirecutter, you'll find recommendations and reviews based on months of research, analysis, and input from experts and consumers. Wirecutter Deals and Wirecutter Gift Guides are also popular around the holiday season, with recommendations by gift recipient and product category.

While Wirecutter requires a paid subscription for unlimited access, you can still find many valuable insights for free. Wirecutter can help you avoid buying products that don't live up to the hype, have features you don't need, or don't live up to expectationsnormal wear and tear.

This is also the reasonextended warrantiesare a cost-effective way to extend the life of your products.Shopping with the Mulberry extensionUsing online resources for your research can save you money first and later.

3. Good housekeeping

Good cleaningoffers more than just nutrition and lifestyle information. While many people may be more familiar with Good Housekeeping magazine, the Good Housekeeping Institute tests thousands of home, beauty, tech, apparel, food, and health products to find the best products for you and your family.You'll find product reviews on everything from appliances to mattresses and outdoor spaces.

Good Housekeeping, based in New York City, takes the art of product evaluation very seriously. With staff from dozens of different disciplines, including experts in engineering, cooking, biology and chemistry (among many others), the Good Housekeeping Institute rigorously tests thousands of products every day to give you a thorough, unbiased review.

4. Popular mechanics

Popular mechanicsThe magazine has been around for over 100 years and, together with the website, has become a trusted resource for countless consumers when it comes to product reviews. OutTechnologyNastytoolsfind reliable, rigorously tested reviews you can trust (just like other consumers since 1902!).

They also include a wide range of products, e.gfitness equipment, storage solutions, office furniture andkitchen appliances. There's even a Popular Mechanics subscription for kids with lots of fun activities and games for kids. If you choose to subscribe to Popular Mechanics, you will also receive a printed copy of the publication, which is mailed six times a year.

5. TechRadar

If you're looking for specific advice on technical gear and equipment, you can find it hereTechRadar. This resource focuses on all things technology, aiming to be your resource of choiceResource for technology buying advice and everything else you need to buy and enjoy the technology you love.

They have a rigorous testing process that also considers long-term value. They update and maintain their reviews regularly, so you can be sure to get up-to-date information no matter when a device was released. They say if you can still buy it, it's on their radar. While they claim they can earn a commission if you purchase products through their site, they also make it clear that they do not accept payment for product reviews.

6. Honest product reviews

While the name itself carries a bold claim, many consumers agreeHonest product reviewslives up to its name. From pet supplies to beauty productsElectronicHonest Product Reviews offers unbiased reviews, side-by-side comparisons, and a consumer-friendly format with minimal advertising to make your research process a little less cumbersome.

One important detail to noteHonest Product Reviews accepts compensation from retailerswhose products appear on their website. That means if you click on an Amazon link on their website, there's a good chance they'll receive a commission or benefit in some way. While they still provide quality reviews, keep that in mind.

Bonus source: Fakespot

While Fakespot doesn't have a content-based website like the other six sources, it does make you aware of the quality of a review when you go to retailer websites, such as: B. shoppingAmazonas,Walmart, Sephora, eBay onbest Buy.

When you install the Fakespot Chrome extension, it gives you an analysis of the existing reviews on the retailer's website and gives you an overall grade from A to F based on reliability. You can also further analyze the reviews for a specific product using the Fakespot analysis tool.

Protect your purchases with Mulberry Unlimited

While navigating the world of product reviews can be tricky, there are resources like these that make product research less confusing and easier.

Moreover, you canSubscribe to Mulberry Unlimitedto extend the life of your products and to ensure that once you find a quality product, you get itMaximum use of it with product protection.

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