149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (2023)

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Coming up with amazing names for consulting companies is not easy. You need something that is memorable, on-brand, and that really suits you.

25 BEST Parrot Names (popular, cute...

You'll also probably have a hard time coming up with a unique name for a consulting company. Many of the best have already been taken.

We will try to help you find an amazing consulting company name for your company.

We have tons of suggestions here, covering a number of different niches. We are sure you will find something you like.

149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (1)

Names of the best consulting companies.

When it comes to checking out business name ideas, these are the best of the best. These awesome names can work well for most consulting firms.

Remember, as with most of the names on this list, you don't have to use them as they are. You can mix and match company names to create something completely unique.

  1. ReadySet Consulting
  2. consultant hero
  3. evoke consulting
  4. Deal Consulting
  5. Red Line Consulting
  6. New Age Consultants
  7. Alpha Consulting Corporation
  8. Think Tank Consulting
  9. Ethos Consultants
  10. Pure Consulting

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Good names for consulting companies

Things are really starting to heat up now! While the above 10 consulting company names were fantastic, we have twenty great names you can also consider for your consulting company.

Please note that most of these names can be used independently of the consulting services your company offers.

  1. The counseling specialists
  2. rust consultants
  3. The consulting brothers
  4. the team of consultants
  5. (Your name) Consultants– replace 'your name' with your first name, last name, or maybe both!
  6. ConsultaAgora
  7. ConsultBay
  8. MicroCurves Management Company
  9. north point consultants
  10. management
  11. Step Forward Consulting
  12. The Haymarket Group
  13. Companies around the world
  14. thunder consultants
  15. Management of large companies
  16. Max business consultants
  17. Aeroprise Consultants
  18. square cube
  19. dexterous management
  20. Delina Management
149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (3)

Attractive names for a consultant

Branding is everything when you run a consulting business, which means you need a catchy consulting business name.

Something that will stick in the mind of anyone who hears about your company. After all, you want them to eventually hire your services.

In this section, we'll look at some great one-word company names.

You can add 'Consulting', 'Management', etc. at the end if you want, but we think these names really stand on their own.

  1. TradVise
  2. EdiaList– a pun on the word “idealist”. It's endearing, at least.
  3. Coating
  4. tip
  5. I consult
  6. guide
  7. web consultation
  8. to specialize
  9. consultant
  10. consultant
  11. Advise
  12. help the troll
  13. exchange
  14. To post
  15. Consulting B
  16. Consult
  17. Confidence
  18. wild river
  19. Grey Fox
  20. Primary Phase
149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (4)

Legal names of consulting companies

Here are some interesting nicknames for consulting firms to choose from. These names will probably work best for companies that are very modern and innovative.

Some of these names would work especially well for social media consultants.

  1. the idea factory
  2. Employees
  3. discreet management
  4. Brand
  5. global consulting
  6. ZenGlobalName
  7. eminent consultancy
  8. The fountain
  9. joozygeeks
  10. geeks; Co. Management
  11. CoCo Consulting
  12. poll
  13. headlight management
  14. voodoo consulting
  15. ConFluent Management
  16. Zen Consulting
  17. Vision Consulting
  18. team nutrition
  19. Consulting Center
  20. Consulting Zone
149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (5)

Names of creative consulting companies

Let's not slow down yet! Below are some creative consulting company name ideas.

These cool consulting business ideas can be used no matter what industry your business operates in.

  1. Consulted– we are removing the e in this name. This makes it much more creative and highly customizable.
  2. brilliant boost
  3. leading genius
  4. mind meld
  5. FuseForgeGenericName
  6. concept environment
  7. Caper Associates
  8. beautiful cloud management
  9. mind shock
  10. Solution in Vista -This, as you probably realize, is a "fixed solution" game, which is exactly what a consulting firm should provide.
  11. Serenidade Consulting
  12. tango technology
  13. TOC Laboratories
  14. Consulting for all systems.
  15. TO consultancy– It means “timely consultation”.
  16. bizexe
  17. OOConnect
  18. Focused mind management
  19. mindify
  20. BasketTech
149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (6)

Unique names of consulting firms

These will be the best general company name ideas for your consulting group. In the following sections, we will focus more on specific consulting industries.

You won't need business name generators if you follow the suggestions we have here!

  1. Perfect
  2. alliance
  3. Pay
  4. interior solutions
  5. luxurious companies
  6. Solus Business Solutions
  7. Management of great minds
  8. cloud travel
  9. Focal point
  10. shopping areas
  11. Construction
  12. Encore Advisors
  13. Marketing Doxel
  14. creditor
  15. world center
  16. tides of experience
  17. Oasis Strategy
  18. Big dog
  19. managed mind
  20. The Plan Solutions
149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (7)

IT/Computer Consulting Company Names

Consulting company names will work amazingly well for any business that deals with IT.

These names can cover both the most modern companies and those consulting firms that seek to have a bit of prestige behind their business.

Remember, whenever you think of a unique consulting name for your business, you should always think about what your potential clients are looking for in a business.

  1. Big Data Associates
  2. Kool Tech Management
  3. In focus
  4. cusha
  5. solutions on board
  6. Digital Consulting, Inc.
  7. agile solutions
  8. SmartWork Management
  9. Management of Cybernetic Solutions
  10. Initech, Inc.
  11. MotiConsulting
  12. IPC Consulting
  13. CloudOps
  14. AIM Consultores
  15. Marvel Management
  16. ExpertSolutions
  17. The technology management company.
  18. ThinkBlit
  19. isolytics
  20. CyberAsesor
  21. Increda
  22. PTC Solutions
  23. CogMind
  24. logical solutions
  25. smart team
149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (8)

Names for an accounting consulting firm

When you run an accounting firm, your target audience will undoubtedly be businesses and others who might have a little money to spend. This means that their names can be a little fancier.

Of course, you can get a little creative with the names of your accounting consulting firm. Many do.

However, we suggest that you try to maintain an air of professionalism about them.

  1. Clarity Consultants
  2. accent accounting solutions
  3. all in accounting
  4. Argos Accountants
  5. ClearAccount Solutions
  6. Now Accounting Management
  7. Fundamental Consulting
  8. OMG Finance -It could be a name for those targeting the tech sector and other more modern businesses.
  9. Query
  10. Consolo Consultancy
149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (9)

Construction Consulting Company Names

If you work in the consulting industry as a construction consultant, or plan to do so, the names below could be a great fit for you.

  1. Nordic current construction management
  2. construction zephyrs
  3. Build
  4. Construction solutions M;M
  5. serenity structures
  6. Building National Solutions
  7. Axiom Construction Management
  8. Your building partners
  9. Oasis Building
  10. Lumber Lane, Inc.
  11. Big city construction consultants
  12. prodigy
  13. urban construction solutions
  14. UpConstruct
  15. Construction of Urban Blocks
  16. house of ideas
  17. land of ideas
  18. Redline Construction Consulting
  19. concrete city
  20. ceramic companies
149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (10)

Engineering Consulting Company Names

Engineering is a big field. This means that engineering consultancy names can be hard to find. Don't worry though, we've got a few for you.

These names should be appropriate no matter what field of engineering you are operating in. As always, you can play around with these ideas to create something unique for your business.

  1. Pinnacle Engineering Consultants
  2. inventor solutions
  3. synergy engineering
  4. high tech consultants
  5. modular
  6. expert solutions
  7. engine forging
  8. Onyx Engineering, Inc.
  9. flow engineering
  10. algorithmic engine
  11. neo vision
  12. red machine engineering
  13. Blue Sky Consultants
  14. Solium Engenharia
  15. piled up
  16. gadget forge
  17. Red thread
  18. Autonomy
  19. Laudable Labs Engineered Solutions
  20. dabtech
149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (11)

Names of financial consulting companies

With financial advisory names, you really need to know what your brand identity is.

The name on your business cards really needs to project wealth. You want to show people that you can help them make a lot of money.

We think these ten ideas should be enough to get you started.

  1. Did you know wealth
  2. perfect solutions
  3. (Your initials) Consulting
  4. Account Management Solutions– boring, but very descriptive of what the company offers.
  5. Wealth advisory solutions
  6. money wise
  7. smart financial management
  8. earn capital
  9. ExaFinancial
  10. infinite financial consulting
149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (12)

Names of human resources consulting companies

When a company hires a consulting group for its HR consultancy, you need to know that the company will assist you with your staff in the right way. This means that the name must convey the correct message.

We believe that if you use any of these ten names, your business will be off to a fantastic start.

  1. Seamless Workforce Solutions
  2. impeccable staff
  3. Resolutor RH
  4. Central Human Resources
  5. Reliance Human Resources
  6. Workforce Solutions
  7. proactive talent
  8. Human Resources Agency
  9. Work force
  10. Solutions for large companies
149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (13)

Management consulting company names

As we've said many times before, you really need to choose a consultancy name that matches your business goals and the clients you want to attract.

If you own a management consulting business, chances are you're looking to attract massive clients. Those who have a lot of money. You need your business name to be professional to fit this.

  1. strategic consulting
  2. socratic solutions
  3. The head of consulting
  4. Conscious Management Consultants
  5. Solve Consulting
  6. Management Consultants TeamThink
  7. Spin off strategies
  8. advantage advisors
  9. Workforce Services
  10. rhapsody associates
  11. management solutions
  12. mika partners
  13. Insightful Management Consulting Services
  14. Management strategies on board
  15. Consulting Zone
149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (14)

Marketing Consultant Company Names

This is a consulting industry where you can get really creative with your name. Although, again, you have to think about what kind of business you are looking for.

This is one of those types of consulting where your company name can really help sell your services.

After all, if you have a marketable name, companies will start to think that you are great at the business side of the business. They will want your expert advice.

  1. MXO Marketing
  2. DripDot Marketing Solutions
  3. Buzz marketing
  4. Lead Flow Solutions
  5. Zaboo
  6. A+ Advertising Consulting
  7. BrandiMarketing
  8. or in crowd
  9. Marketing BK
  10. JV Consulting
  11. tired marketing
  12. gently
  13. Estimated advertising solutions
  14. Marketing Advera
  15. vibration marketing
149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (15)

Names of security consulting companies

The security consulting market is big business. There are not many security consulting companies, but there are many companies that need their services.

Choose a good security consulting company name and you can really stand out from the crowd.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Interia Security Consulting
  2. secure call
  3. TrustSafe
  4. Zest Security
  5. security browser
  6. all safe
  7. professional security
  8. risk aware
  9. Rethink security solutions
  10. red light safety
  11. safest trust
  12. safe guard
  13. security guard consultants
149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (16)

Security Consulting Trade Names

Do you run a company that advises large companies on how to implement security solutions? Well, you may find that the names of our security consulting companies can give you some great ideas!

  1. Securitex
  2. protect
  3. safe edge
  4. Expert Security Solutions
  5. ClearPath Security Management
  6. Exasec Management Solutions
  7. secular
  8. sustained security
  9. expert security
  10. cipher squad
  11. Black Knight Security Solutions
  12. Rook Security Solutions
  13. threat point
  14. rokto security
  15. Secure benefits management
149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (17)

Software consulting company names

Coming up with software consulting company names is harder than you might think. All the best ones are taken!

We hope these software consulting company names really get you on the right track.

  1. Apex Software Solutions
  2. Devisoft software management
  3. Software Moxie
  4. cloud connection
  5. IdeaSoftware
  6. create code
  7. computer technology
  8. coll. software
  9. Osmosis
  10. Software Moo
  11. AppZen
  12. Consultation of encoders
  13. a2bconsulting
  14. business seed
  15. Group Yes –good use of languages Translates as 'Yes Group'.
149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (18)

Names of technology consulting companies

The technology sector is vast. These tech consulting names will provide you with a good selection of names for your consulting business.

Again, always choose something that matches your business goals. For example, the big names in technology consulting will be more prestigious than names destined for the lower end of the business ladder.

  1. Exittech
  2. thought jobs
  3. Clarity Technology
  4. CogTech
  5. Techno-entrepreneurs
  6. on the other hand
  7. Oasis Technology Consultants
  8. cloud casting
  9. geek vision
  10. The experts in technological ideas
  11. Nibble Tech
  12. tech nation
  13. Thinker Consulting
  14. Exploration
  15. ciberseed
149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (19)

Education Consulting Business Names

Whether you're offering training consulting to businesses or providing educational services to schools, we think these education consulting company names should help you find a great name for your business.

  1. lighthouse education
  2. education guru
  3. Encore Education Solutions
  4. Enrique Education
  5. Molys
  6. Apprentice
  7. cursing
  8. teach me
  9. Ideas Consulting for Students –for school education consultants
  10. Essential Study Solutions
  11. Educational management of the inner circle
  12. think tank
149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (20)

Names of environmental consulting companies

As more and more companies start to focus on their environmental impact, the idea of ​​environmental consulting has become massive.

If you are starting a business as an environmental consultant, you are entering a growing industry. If you need a name, these will help you get started:

  1. UrbanEco
  2. ecocriticamente
  3. exalt green
  4. EcoBlind
  5. Forest Well Environmental Consulting
  6. Clear vision
  7. green horizons
  8. Green life
  9. help the earth
  10. ecological forest
  11. Ecological Consulting
149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (21)

Examples of real company names

These names are used (sorry about that). However, we thought we could summarize our list of consulting firm names by telling you the names of some of the biggest names in consulting in the world.

As you go through this list, notice how varied the business names are. This goes to show that you really can pick any name and be successful in consulting. You just need a good business model.

  1. Deloitte
  2. Bathroom ; Company
  3. Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
  4. PricewaterhouseCoopers
  5. Strategy;
  6. Lockheed Martin Corporation
  7. Partners at GE Healthcare
  8. Cisco Systems
  9. oracle consulting
  10. Thornton
149+ Consulting Firm Names (Best Ideas for 2023) (22)

Tips for naming the company name

Let's conclude by sharing some tips for creating your own consulting company names.

1. Use a unique name

Your name should be as unique as possible. It should never have the same name as any other company.

Truth be told, this list of consulting firm names is going to be incredibly popular. Some of the ideas can be taken by the time you get to it. Do not copy these names. However, you can spice them up a bit.

Changing the words, adding your initials, or combining several name ideas can help you create something unique.

2. Use a positive name

You need your consulting company name to have a positive connotation.

This means that your name should evoke positive feelings and that your business can do its best work.

For example, avoid negative words like "no", eg "No solutions to problems" might not be a good idea, as people would focus too much on the negative words "no" and "problem".

3. Describe your business

There are many types of consultancy (as you can see in our list). You need a name that describes your business.

One awesome tip we can offer here is to search for names of consulting firms in the same industry as you.mireach the same customer. These names tend to be the ones that work.

Obviously, you don't want to copy these names. You can use them as an idea generator. If competing companies in your niche tend to go for fancy, high-class names, then this is what you need. If you come up with unique creative names, go for it.

In most cases, you'll want to include one of these words in your name (to really highlight that you consult):

  1. Consultant
  2. Management
  3. Solutions

4. Choose something memorable

Names should always be memorable. That is why we have given you many one word ideas on this page.

However, what is memorable in one niche is not necessarily so in another.

That's why it's so important that you research the names of companies in your niche to see what works and what doesn't.


We hope you have enjoyed our list of consulting company names. You may have even found your new company name here.

Remember, before you commit to a new business name, you should always check that it's not being used (you can usually check the domain name for this).

If you don't take it, get it ASAP.GoDaddy.comIt's a great place to register your domain names! Ideally, you'll need a .com name, especially if your business is located in the United States.

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What should I name my consulting firm? ›

For the vast majority of consultants, using your own name as the consulting business name works perfectly. You can use your last name or a part of your name and append 'consulting,' 'associates,' 'partners' (if there's more than one person), or 'strategy. ' Don't overthink your consulting firm name.

How do you come up with a catchy LLC name? ›

  1. Use acronyms. Using a set of initials is a popular approach for naming your business. ...
  2. Create mash-ups. ...
  3. Draw inspiration from mythology and literature. ...
  4. Use foreign words. ...
  5. Use your own name. ...
  6. Take a look at a map. ...
  7. Mix things up. ...
  8. Partner with another company.

What are top 3 consulting firms? ›

The firms. The three consulting firms widely regarded as constituting the Big Three or MBB are McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company and Boston Consulting Group.

What are good LLC names? ›

List of 99 business name ideas
  • Kickstart.
  • Digital Dive.
  • The Growth Co.
  • Creative Juice.
  • Be Seen.
  • Webpreneur.
  • Everglow.
  • Fearless.
Oct 18, 2022

What words Cannot be used in an LLC name? ›

The name of a limited liability company may not include the words bank, trust, trustee, incorporated, inc., corporation, or corp. (California Corporations Code section 17701.08(e).)

What are the 7 types of brand name? ›

There are 7 types of brand names:
  • Descriptive Brand Names. Descriptive names are those that explicitly convey the product or service offered by a company. ...
  • Evocative Brand Names. ...
  • Invented Brand Names. ...
  • Lexical Brand Names. ...
  • Acronymic Brand Names. ...
  • Geographical Brand Names. ...
  • Founder Brand Names.

What are classy business names? ›

Classy business name ideas
  • A Lady Above All.
  • A Lady in Shining Armor.
  • A Lady of Refinement.
  • A Lady with Style.
  • A Woman of Class.
  • A Woman of Distinction.
  • Above and Beyond Classy.
  • Beyond Glitz and Glamour.

What are unique names? ›

Here are some unique names to inspire you:
  • Anders. This modern-sounding name is the Scandinavian form of Andrew. ...
  • Axel. The medieval Danish form of Absalom, which means “my father is peace” in Hebrew, Axel can also be spelled Aksel, another unique variation.
  • Bertram. ...
  • Ciaran. ...
  • Deacon. ...
  • Egon. ...
  • Farley. ...
  • Geoffrey.
Feb 10, 2022

How do I create a unique company name? ›

Don't get stuck with another boring business name
  1. Easy to Spell. Avoid odd or funky spellings and choose a name that can be spelled easily.
  2. Easy to Recall. Great names are easy to remember and convey key aspects of the business.
  3. Easy to Scale. Good names are future-proof. ...
  4. Easily Available. ...
  5. Easy to Relate.

How do I find my lucky business name? ›

You must choose a business name whose numerology number shares a cordial relationship with your life path or destiny number. For example, if your life path number is 3 then numbers like 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 are friendly numbers. At the same time, numbers 4 and 7 should be avoided with life path number 3.

How do I create a trendy business name? ›

Guidelines for Business Name Ideas
  1. Understand your business. You need a solid understanding of your business — its purpose, vision, mission and target audience. ...
  2. Use descriptive words. ...
  3. Be literal. ...
  4. Choose a name style. ...
  5. Avoid hard-to-spell names. ...
  6. Tell a story. ...
  7. Get feedback on the name. ...
  8. Don't be too narrow.

What makes a successful name? ›

Meaningfulness and concreteness. Names that are easy to make sense of and evoke intuitive context are more suitable for communicating information, because people find them easier to remember.

What is the highest paid consultant? ›

What is the highest-paid consultant job? The highest-paid consultant job is a senior management consultant. Senior Management Consultants earn an average salary of $128,259, which is $ 61.66 hourly.

What is a Big 5 consulting firm? ›

KPMG, Deloitte, Accenture, PwC and McKinsey & Company. And worldwide these are usually the names that come to mind when thinking about management consulting.

Do consultants make a lot of money? ›

The most recent data for 2023 shows that consultants make an average of $7,091 a month. That equates to $85,092 a year. This same research indicates that monthly salaries for consultants can be as high as $16,417 (about $197,000 a year).

What is a catchy name? ›

If you describe a tune, name, or advertisement as catchy, you mean that it is attractive and easy to remember.

What can I name my company? ›

Sample business name ideas to inspire you
  • Spa Paragon.
  • GameDay Catering.
  • Exploration Kids.
  • Yoga Professor.
  • Darwin Travel.
  • Party Plex.
  • Pizza Factor.
  • Acorn Crafts.

Is it OK to put LLC in Domain name? ›

You do not need to include LLC in your domain if your firm is set up as an LLC. It is not legally required, in most states, and will add length (a big negative) onto your domain name URL. Using LLC in your business name is typically only required when signing legal contracts such as leases, orders, or loans.

Should you name your LLC after yourself? ›

Sometimes it makes sense to name your LLC after yourself if you want to grow your personal brand, but in some cases using your personal name can limit your business' growth or even confuse customers.

What to avoid in naming a business? ›

How to Name Your Business: 8 Types of Names to Avoid
  • Generic names. ...
  • Names that limit future growth. ...
  • Names that are too hard to spell, say, or read. ...
  • Misleading names. ...
  • Names too long for a social media handle. ...
  • Names with double meanings. ...
  • Names that clash with branding. ...
  • Names too similar to competitors.
Dec 16, 2021

What are the 4 qualities of a good brand name? ›

Characteristics to Consider When Choosing a Brand Name
  • Distinctive. In order to be memorable, stand out from the competition, and avoid confusion among your target audiences, a strong brand name must be distinct—especially within your industry. ...
  • Authentic. ...
  • Memorable. ...
  • Enduring. ...
  • Defensible.
Sep 19, 2018

What is the top name brand? ›

FashionUnited created an unique formula and benchmark for fashion brands to calculate current brand values of publicly and privately held fashion brands.
Most valuable fashion brands.
Brand2020 Brand Value $
1Nike$36.8 b
2Louis Vuitton$32.3 b
3Hermes$18.3 b
4Gucci$18.2 b
96 more rows

How do I know if my business name is unique? ›

Use the USPTO's free trademark database.

You can search for federally registered trademarks by using the free trademark database on the USPTO's website. To start, go to the USPTO's Trademark Electronic Business Center and choose "Search trademarks." Then follow the instructions you see on the screen.

What names will be popular in 2023? ›

The Bump's Top 1000 Baby Girl and Boy Names for 2023
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  • Nova.
  • Amara.
Dec 12, 2022

What are the top 10 names? ›

Top 10 Baby Names of 2021
RankMale nameFemale name
6 more rows

What is a good rare name? ›

40 Uncommon Baby Names to Help Your Son or Daughter Stand Out from the Crowd
  • Jago. For a boy. It clocks in at #1 on the most uncommon names for boys, according to Bounty.
  • Khaleesi. For a girl. ...
  • Massimo. For a boy. ...
  • Darius. For a boy. ...
  • Paityn. For a girl. ...
  • Xander. For a boy. ...
  • Quinn. For a girl or boy. ...
  • Fatima. For a girl.
May 26, 2021

What are the 5 rules of choosing a business name? ›

5 Rules for Choosing the Right Business Name
  • Make it Memorable and Easy to Spell.
  • Integrate a Visual Element.
  • Add a Positive Connotation.
  • Make Your Business Objective Clear.
  • Keep It Fairly Short.
  • Protect Your Business Name.
  • Putting It All Together.
Jan 30, 2020

Are LLC names unique? ›

It must be unique.

Legally, the name of your LLC can't be the same as another business entity registered in your state or the same as a trademarked phrase. State databases check only whether the LLC name is available in your own state, but do not check whether the name is trademarked.

What makes a business name stand out? ›

What's in a (Business) Name? 8 Traits That Will Make Yours Stand Out
  • It's simple. You want to pick a business name that's simple and easy for customers to search for. ...
  • It's memorable. ...
  • It's linguistically clean. ...
  • It's scalable. ...
  • It's authentic. ...
  • It's emotional. ...
  • It's available. ...
  • It's unique.
Sep 26, 2022

What name earns most money? ›

According to the report, Nancy is the wealthiest name, followed by Heidi. More unusual names such as Clara and Evelyn also feature in the top ten earners. Lil is in spot number for, which Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could be pleased about as their daughter is called Lilibet, Lili for short.

How do you pick a meaningful name? ›

How To Choose A Meaningful Baby Name
  1. pinpoint an issue.
  2. draw out how it's affecting you.
  3. label what you don't like about it.
  4. determine areas of responsibility.
  5. figure out how it's showing up.
  6. say what you'd rather happen.
  7. brainstorm solutions.

What name means wealth? ›

Names That Mean Wealth
  • Lucretius. Origin: Latin clan name. Meaning: "wealth" ...
  • Ozara. Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: ...
  • Lekan. Origin: Yoruba. Meaning: ...
  • Fortunata. Origin: Spanish variation of Latin. Meaning: ...
  • Ademar. Origin: Germanic. Meaning: ...
  • Fortune. Origin: Latin. Meaning: ...
  • Odilon. Origin: French. Meaning: ...
  • Aenor. Origin: French. Meaning:

What are consulting buzzwords? ›

Consulting buzzwords, also known as consulting jargon, consulting lingo, or consulting terminology, are verbal shorthand for rules of thumb, principles, or processes that are commonly used in the consulting industry and sometimes in business in general. They relay complex concepts quickly, speeding up a discussion.

What were the Big 5 consulting firms? ›

PwC, Deloitte, EY and KPMG are followed by US strategy giants McKinsey & Company and The Boston Consulting Group.

What are the 3 C's in consulting? ›

The three interdependent variables that appear to play a major role in consultancy are; confidence, credibility and competence.

What are the 5 C's in consulting? ›

The Five Cs of Customers, Collaborators, Capabilities, Competitors and Conditions is one of the most valuable frameworks to guide a new leader's onboarding preparation. Customers: Those that benefit from the output of your work product.

What is McKinsey slogan? ›

To help create positive, enduring change in the world.

What is the #1 consulting firm? ›

McKinsey & Company

The company is consistently ranked as the #1 most valued brand in the consulting industry, making it the most prestigious company on the list. Since its founding in 1926, the company has grown to over 38,000 employees across more than 120 offices around the world.

What is the number 1 consulting firm? ›

Bain & Company

What is Big 3 consulting? ›

MBB is a shorthand way to refer to the “Big 3” strategy consulting firms, McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain & Company. These firms are the most prestigious management consulting firms because they hire top graduates of highly competitive undergraduate and M.B.A.


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